Tourism In Greece And The 10 Best Cities And Islands You Can Visit


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Tourism in Greece is very enjoyable and a myth known in the whole world. 

Greece is located in southeastern Europe, one of the most famous and beautiful tourist countries around the world, due to the huge number of islands available, and for its superior beauty, and its distinctive coastal location in the Balkan Peninsula, and its views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Aegean Sea and the Ionian Sea, which made its climate suitable for tourism throughout the year.

Greece accepts millions of seekers of fun, excitement and adventure in the charming nature and within the arms of the most beautiful places of tourism in Greece and its picturesque beaches and hot springs, besides seeing its historical civilization and its various archaeological sites, and other countless features, so we will pack our luggage today to embark on a legendary journey To know the most beautiful tourist places in Greece.

The most important cities of Greece


Tourism in Athens - Tourism In Greece

Acropolis in the city of Athens - Tourism In Greece
Acropolis in the city of Athens

Tourism in Greece begins its real pleasure from the moment you arrive at the airport in Athens, as this city is one of the oldest civilized cities and was the seat of the Byzantine and Roman Empire, and it is the first destination for those who wish to travel to Greece.

The history of Athens extends to more than 3400 years, it is one of the oldest cities that presented to the world the most brilliant scholars such as Aristotle and Plato, and as it is known it is the capital of Greece, and it has a very large number of monuments that should be visited and sites listed in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO and the most famous of all "the Acropolis" And other treasures hidden in waiting for you to discover, including arts, galleries, antiques, statues, sports, heritage rich in ancient civilization, and other shopping centers in Athens.

  • The 3 most important landmarks in the city of Athens:

1- Acropolis of Athens

Acropolis is a Greek word meaning (high or high), which is a temple and a castle on a large rocky hill in the heart of the city of Athens, where there are 3 temples dating back to the fifth century BC, but the most famous is the "Parthenon" is the largest temple in classical antiquity and consists of 58 columns Decorated with exquisite motifs.

The Acropolis is an important symbol of Athens and Greece, and it is one of the most famous tourist places in Athens. It was created in remembrance of the glory of ancient Athens and is dedicated to the worship of the goddess Athena, and next to the Parthenon Temple there is an "Artkhonite Temple" of fine art and "Athena Temple", which is the smallest temple in the Acropolis and famous for six columns In the form of statues of virgins carrying the building on their heads. You must first visit this place packed with great history when tourism in Greece in general, and tourism in Athens in particular.

2- The Acropolis Museum

Acropolis in the city of Athens - Tourism In Greece
The Acropolis Museum

After visiting the Acropolis, head down the summit of the Acropolis, specifically on Dionisio Areopagieto Street, to visit the Acropolis Museum which contains one of the most valuable collections of ancient Greek art in the world.

The Acropolis Museum or as it is called the “New Acropolis Museum” is one of the important landmarks of Athens. It is a glass and steel structure similar to the design of the Parthenon, with illuminated exhibition spaces to include more than 300 masterpieces discovered in the Acropolis. Don't forget to visit this museum, which was designed by the famous Swiss architect Bernard Chome when visiting Greece.

3- Ancient Agora of Athens

This region is one of the most beautiful places of tourism in Athens, and also one of the favorite tourist destinations during tourism in Greece. Agora or Agora is a Greek word that refers to a place or square where philosophers and wise converge. It did not stop at this point, but its role extended to become a place where important decisions are taken in society, and there was a market where merchants came to sell their goods, and sporting events and activities were also organized And theatrical performances in this region.

Tourism in Santorini - Tourism In Greece

Acropolis in the city of Athens - Tourism In Greece
Santorini Island

Santorini Island is considered the most famous island among all the Greek islands, and many described it as the best island in the world , as it combines many different means of tourist attractions during tourism trips in Greece such as its bright blue views of the Aegean Sea, wonderful beaches, and charming natural scenery especially at sunset, and others Of the advantages.

Santorini Island was formed by volcanic eruptions called Thira, so its capital was named after this (relative to the volcano), in addition to the town of Thira Santorini is also famous for the towns of Fira and Oia, located above the rocky slope, and buildings were built in the form of white cycladic cubes. Santorini is characterized by the abundance of high-end hotels and seafood restaurants, as it is one of the most suitable islands for honeymoon for its romance and it holds wedding parties in abundance.

  • The 3 most important landmarks on Santorini Island:

1- The Red Beach

Acropolis in the city of Athens - Tourism In Greece
Red Beach

When searching for tourism trips in Greece, you will find the red beach awaiting you, or as it is called Red Beach, located within walking distance of the archaeological site of Akrotiri, which is one of the most famous beaches on Santorini Island, and is considered one of the busiest beaches throughout the year because of its wonderful and unique views of the rocks. Volcanic red (tyrant) and black which decorates it to represent a wonderful artistic painting with blue seawater.

2- Kamari Beach

The most beautiful beach trips in Greece you can spend on Kamari Beach, which is located 10 km from Fira, and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches covered with black sand, as this beach distinguishes a large famous rock called "Mesa Phono" that rises from the sea, and tourism is dependent in Greece In this resort have different types of water sports, lying on the beach and enjoying the wonderful sunbathing, and you can take a nice walk along the waterfront and there you will find hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars.

3- Akrotiri

Akrotiri is a famous archeological site on Mykonos Island, and the pleasure of tourism in Greece will not be complete except by watching this distinguished site, where you will find the ruins of the Minoan civilization settlement in the Bronze Age about 3600 years ago, which were destroyed by the eruption of the Thira volcano, but the volcanic ash contributed to the preservation of The remains of the murals and artwork are in good condition, and no human remains have been found there, which indicates that the Minion evacuated the city before the eruption of the volcano, and they had time to take their valuables, so this place is one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations in Greece.

Tourism in Mykonos - Tourism In Greece

Acropolis in the city of Athens - Tourism In Greece
Mykonos Island

Let's move on to another famous island in Greece, Mykonos Island, which is one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, considered by many to be a paradise of God full of magic, beauty, scenic views, and wonderful beaches. It was named after the grandson of the god Apollo "Mykonos".

Mykonos is the perfect place to look for during tourism in Greece, whether you want to entertain and have a good time, or you want to explore the island and learn about its history and traditions, it is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches, elegant hotels, seafood restaurants and live music shows, and it is also very popular especially Among the world-famous, and one of the best cities to travel alone or with your loved one.

  • The 3 most important landmarks on Mykonos Island:

1- Kato Milli mills

The first thing that you will encounter when visiting Mykonos Island during tourism in Greece is the "Keto Milli" windmills near the port, which were built of wood and straw in the 16th century AD and numbered seven mills, with the aim of helping in the process of grinding wheat until the early twentieth century, despite the Wheat is no longer crushed in these mills today, but it is considered an important and important cultural symbol of Mykonos Island.

Besides windmills, cafes and restaurants serving local delicacies and drinks are available to enjoy your meal while seeing the sea and windmills.

2- Little Venice Mykonos

Acropolis in the city of Athens
Little Venice Mykonos

For those who want to spend a time full of tranquility and romance, they should go to Little Venice or Miniature Venice, as it is one of the most famous romantic places when tourism in Greece, where wonderful white antique houses line up across the edge of the blue Aegean Sea since the 18th century AD, and once you reach this charming neighborhood you will You fall in love especially at sunset, so don't miss this opportunity, then stroll among cafes, small shops and galleries scattered there.

3- Platys Gialos Beach

It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in present-day Greece and one of the most famous beaches in Mykonos, which is recommended by many visitors on travel trips to Greece, where Platis Yalos is one of the most beautiful tourist resorts on Mykonos Island.

This beach is located at a distance of 4 km from the Chora area. Platys Gialos Beach is characterized by the extensive water and wonderful crystal waters. It is also available around all facilities equipped with high-quality services from hotels, restaurants and cafes. It is also easy to move from this beach to the other nearby beaches.

Tourism in Rhodes - Tourism In Greece

Acropolis in the city of Athens
Rhodes Island

Hello and welcome to the capital of the Dodecanese Islands or the island of Rhodes, one of the famous islands within the islands of Greece, and is famous for the name of the island of the knights, and it is considered an ideal wonderful island for those who want to relax and spend the holidays, which is preferred to visit within the tourism trips in Greece.

Rhodes is the most famous statue of the giant bronze statue of Rhodes, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, but it was destroyed by a strong earthquake, but now the ancient city of Rhodes has been included in the World Heritage site, and when you visit Rhodes you will be dazzled by the wonderful green hills, picturesque valleys and golden beaches The extended trip that makes your trip to Greece fabulously unique, it is truly the place you are looking for on this trip.

  • The 3 most important landmarks in Rhodes Island:

1- The Great Master Palace of the Knights of Rhodes

The palace of the great master of the Knights of Rhodes
The palace of the great master of the Knights of Rhodes

For those interested in monuments and architecture, we advise them when traveling to Greece to visit the monuments in the ancient city of Rhodes and the most famous of all is the "Palace of the Great Master" which was originally a Byzantine castle built at the end of the 7th century AD representing Gothic architecture, and was converted in the early 14th century to be the seat The Grand Master of the Knights of St. John and the headquarters of the administration, but now it has turned into a museum, it is not necessary to miss the visit of this palace as part of the tourism trip in Greece.

2- Lindos Acropolis

On top of a steep rock over the ancient village of Lindos, you will find the impressive Acropolis Temple with ancient and medieval ruins, it is a strong natural watchtower with a wonderful view of the Aegean Sea, surrounded by walls that are still well preserved in their construction, and through the Acropolis you can You see the remains of buildings from ancient times, the Byzantine era and the cavalry era, such as the Temple of Athena Lindia since the 4th century BC, the Great Hellenistic Corridor, the Byzantine Church in the castle and castle of St. John, and of course besides this you will enjoy amazing views of the city and the sea, it is a distinct experience that should not be missed during Your visit to Rhodes Island.

 3- Anthony Quinn Bay

When traveling to Greece, remember that your tourist trip in Greece will not be complete without seeing this picturesque beach named after the Mexican American actor and director Anthony Quinn, where he purchased an isolated bay on the island of Rhodes to create an international center for artists and filmmakers after filming a movie in Rhodes, Which led to the fame of this island. Anthony Quinn Bay is located on the road between the island of Rhodes and Lindos, and is considered one of the most beautiful bays on the islands of Greece, and is characterized by its clear waters, and it is usually crowded with tourists most of the year.

Tourism in Crete - Tourism In Greece


Crete is the cradle of European civilization and one of the most important gorgeous islands of Greece, its people are characterized by friendliness, loyalty and friendship, and also Crete is characterized as the ideal place for relaxation, landscapes and exploration during tourism in Greece because it combines exciting mountains with deep rocky valleys and quiet golden sandy beaches, and is also filled with many Ancient archaeological sites and port cities, you will find a great diversity between the vibrant cities, the quiet villages and the wonderful countryside.

Crete will excite all of your senses and seduce you with its stunning scenery, strong deep spirit, rich history, world-famous cuisine, and hospitable people, so don't miss out on her outfits when traveling to Greece.

  • The most important 3 landmarks in Crete

1- Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Heraklion Archaeological Museum
Heraklion Archaeological Museum

This museum is located in the city of Heraklion, the capital of Crete and the largest city in it. It has an important port for the cruise ships sailing in the eastern Mediterranean. It presents discoveries of various archaeological sites throughout the island, including prehistoric times, the Bronze Age, the Roman era, and the Hellenic era. It also focuses on the Minoan civilization, which is one of the oldest civilizations of Greece and Europe.

2- The ancient city of Knossos

This important archaeological site is located near the city of Heraklion, which is an ancient royal city that was the center of the Minoan civilization and the capital of King Minos, and during this period two major palaces were built, the most important of which is the King Minos Palace, and it may have been destroyed by the volcanic eruption on the island of Santorini. It was recently discovered and restored, so we advise you not to miss the pleasure of seeing it when visiting Greece.

 3- Elafonisi Beach

Ilafonisi Island or Ilafonisi Beach is a magical place consisting of a small island full of white and pink sandy beaches and turquoise water, and it is a protected area and also home to about 110 species of plants, and it is a very ideal place for families holidays where you can practice various recreational activities such as hiking in the soft sand and swimming in the water And enjoy the natural landscape of the sea, so don't let this place miss you and put it on your list when tourism in Greece.

Tourism in Thessaloniki or Thessaloniki - Tourism In Greece

The white tower in Thessaloniki
The white tower in Thessaloniki

The city of Thessaloniki is one of the cities that come to life and magic, as it is located in the heart of Macedonia, and it is the second tourist city that you can visit after tourism in Athens when traveling to Greece, and it is characterized by a unique mix of civilizations and different cultures.

Thessaloniki is located in northern Greece and overlooks the Aegean Sea so it was one of the prosperous commercial cities, and since ancient times it was always considered the crossroads of different cultures and religions, and it has many ancient Roman ruins, but now it is considered an ideal place for all tastes interested in pleasure and elegance, in addition to that it can be enjoyed It deals with a variety of delicious foods and different dishes.

  • The 3 most important landmarks in Thessaloniki or Thessaloniki:

1- Thessaloniki White Tower

The White Tower of Thessaloniki is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Greece and it is a memorial and a beautiful archaeological museum, located in the region of Macedonia in northern Greece, and this tower is one of the buildings that the Ottomans constructed after seizing the city of Thessaloniki and opened it to the place of ancient Byzantine fortifications, and it was a prison, but It was rebuilt when the rule of the Ottoman Empire ended. For those interested in ancient Greece, we advise him to visit this landmark when traveling to Greece to reveal its secrets.

2- Aristotelous Square

Aristotelous Square
Aristotelous Square

For those who wish to discover magic within the city of Thessaloniki, invite him to visit the large Aristotelous Square, it is the main and lively city square in Thessaloniki, which is one of the largest squares that you can visit during tourism in Greece, which is surrounded by palaces and very luxurious buildings, in addition to a large number of shops Restaurants, bars and hotels are lined up on its sides, as this large square witnesses many important official events, and concerts, exhibitions and other various cultural events are held.

3- Arch of Galerius and Rotunda

The Arch of Galerius is one of the most distinctive and interesting Roman buildings in the city of Thessaloniki that was built in 298 AD, to celebrate the victory of Emperor Galerius over the Persians and the seizure of their capital, and he built it magnificently from stones and marble panels and was adorned with impressive carvings and carvings.

And 100 meters from the arc of Galerius lies Rotunda Galerius, which is a cylindrical building that was built in a professional manner, which made it stand for all these years. It was also ordered to be built by Emperor Galerius in 306 AD either to be a temple to worship a certain deity or to be a shrine to the king, but now it is used As a Greek Orthodox church.

Tourism in Corfu - Tourism In Greece

Corfu Island
Corfu Island

Corfu is one of the most visited tourist places in Greece, due to its geographical location on the Ionian Sea, and the beautiful beaches that you will feel relaxed in. The town of Corfu, which is classified as a World Heritage site for UNESCO, will charm at first sight with the Venetian style that will remind you of Italy, it is very similar to the cities of Venice and Florence And dotted with yachts and excursion boats that offer great sightseeing tours from the sea.

Explore the romantic pedestrianized Corfu streets only, and you will find what amazes you, and discover the magic of the beautiful beaches around the island, which are lined with various hotels, restaurants and cafes, so do not miss visiting Corfu Island that is suitable for families, couples, friends and honeymoon holidays, it has something special for everyone.

  • 3 most important landmarks in Corfu Island:

1- Achilleion Palace

Achillion Palace
Achillion Palace

For history lovers, you will definitely want to visit the Achillion Palace which is located 10 km south of Corfu when tourism in Greece, and Empress Elizabeth the Queen of Austria built it, which became known as the "sad Queen Sisi" due to the suicide of her son Rudolph, so she came to Corfu Island and built She fell short to her and found consolation for her son's separation.

This palace is an elegant building built in Bombay style, the interior of which consists of luxurious living rooms built in the beautiful neoclassical style, but from the outside you will find beautifully landscaped gardens, and you will marvel at the famous Achilles statue depicting his death.

2- The ancient city of Corfu

The ancient city of Corfu is distinguished by its beautiful buildings and most of it is built in the Middle Ages, and it is considered among the most beautiful tourist places in Greece, you can walk among the streets of the city, and you will find castles dating back to the 16th century, and there is a vital airport and an important port to receive ships, ferries and trips Fun marine, do not miss her when traveling to Greece.

 3- Angelokastro Castle

The Angelocastro Castle is strategically located close to the Kraini region, the castle is characterized by a decorated entrance gate, and is rich in it with invaluable relics, in which you will find elegant storage rooms, and an old church, and this castle was built to protect the population from pirate attacks, despite the many invasions on it However, it has withstood all these years to remain tall.

Tourism in Zakynthos - Tourism In Greece

Navaggio Beach on Zakynthos Island
Navaggio Beach on Zakynthos Island

Zakynthos Island, or as it is called Zanetti, is a green island that is among the most beautiful and popular islands of Greece in the Ionian Sea, and is one of the main destinations for those wishing to travel to Greece, it is located in the south of Kefalonia, and is internationally famous for its sandy crystal beaches, turquoise sea waters and a temperate climate And nightlife, dotted with forests, farms, lush valleys and olive groves.

In the 15th century, Zakynthos fell under the Venetian hand and called it "Flower of the Levant", and you will see the effect of this on architecture, accent and food, which is a very suitable destination for young people, couples and families for tourism lovers in Greece.

  • 3 most important landmarks in Zakynthos Island:

1- Navajio Beach or the shipwreck beach

Navaggio Bay and Beach is a secluded sandy bay on Zakynthos Island and the most famous beach in it. It consists of fine white pebbles, golden sand and wonderful blue water. It is very suitable for swimming when making a tourism decision in Greece. It is called the shipwreck beach because it is home to a shipwreck called "Panagiotis “It is believed that it is an old ship belonging to some contraband smugglers, such as banned cigarettes, and it has been stopped.

2- Marathonisi Turtle Island

Turtle Island
Turtle Island

During your vacation in Zakynthos, you will inevitably enjoy taking a speed boat trip to the famous Turtle Island just 5 to 10 minutes away, located in the middle of a turtle-shaped laganas bay, due to the softness of the white sand and the clean turquoise waters of this island, used to breed huge sea turtles Known as Clarita, this island has the most beautiful beaches and is considered one of the most beautiful islands of Greece, and it has a great place to dive and explore the deep seas.

 3- Gerakas Beach

When planning a tourism tour in Greece, you can visit Gerakas Beach, which is located in the south of the beautiful island of Zakynthos, in which you can practice whatever you like from various water sports activities such as swimming, snorkeling, diving or lying in the wonderful sand for recreation. In the past this beach was used by tourists as a mud treatment because it is made entirely of mud, but now it is a natural reserve for turtles that chose this place to lay eggs and you can see this there during your tour in Greece.

Tourism in Kos - Tourism In Greece

Kos Island
Kos Island

Kos Island is one of the most famous islands of Greece, which has become one of the favorite destinations for those wishing to travel to Greece. In addition to the tourist villages, luxury hotels and spas, delicious restaurants and hospital centers, do not forget to visit it when you travel to Greece.

  • The most important 3 landmarks on Kos Island:

1- Tree of Hippocrates

The Hippocrates or the Dart Tree (a deciduous perennial tree) is located in the center of Kos Island in front of the giant cavalry castle and next to the Ghazi Hassan Mosque. The tree is characterized by ancient and huge size, being the largest tree in Europe. According to legends, Hippocrates, nicknamed "the father of medicine", were said to sit under this tree and teach their students medicine, but since the current tree is about 500 years old, it is clear that it is not the one that Hippocrates cultivated in the fifth century BC.

 2- Asclepeion


The archeological site of Asclepion is one of the famous sites on the island of Kos, which has been used since ancient times in the hospitalization and its effects remain to this day, and on this site was built the Temple of Healing for the worship of the god Asclepion (god of Greek medicine) was a holy place for spiritual and material therapy, as it includes Hot springs, a school for doctors, homes and many more, so in the second and third centuries BC, the site of Asclepion became an important institution of its kind in the ancient world.

 3- The Fortress of Neratzia

Neratzia (meaning sour orange tree) also called "Kos Castle", which was built on the sea side of the city of Kos, contains a bridge used to connect the inner part with the outer square of the castle, and it has a trench connecting the castle to the eastern side of the sea, and was built by the Templars at the end of the century 14 AD, and spread with sour orange trees, which give a charming beauty and stunning scenery.

Tourism in Kefalonia - Tourism In Greece

Kefalonia island
Kefalonia island

Kefalonia is one of the largest Ionian Islands, and one of the islands of Greece, which attracts tourists because of its wonderful natural scenery. The island has an abundance of grape trees and its vast plantations, which are used in wine making.

  • The 3 most important landmarks on Kefalonia Island:

1- Melissani Cave

Cave of the Lake Millesani
Cave of the Lake Millesani

The Cave of Melesani Lake represents a unique natural miracle for lovers of travel to Greece, where the turquoise lake from which the cave descends to the underground and takes you down on an exciting journey by boat, to lead you to the Cave of the Nymphs where the beautiful waters and the changing shades of blue at sunset, and you will feel like in the world of legend and fantasy , Or float through space as you pass into the cave and see its wonderful brown walls.

2- Antisamos Beach

Antisamos beach is one of the beautiful beaches that fascinates most of those wishing to travel to Greece, especially visitors to Kefalonia, where enjoying the wonderful scenery and beautiful natural beauty, you will be amazed by the wonderful green hills views and plants that grow in the sea, as it is characterized by its clear waters that are filled with fish Many colors and shapes, so we recommend it for those who wish to enjoy visiting the most beautiful islands of Greece.

3- Myrtos Beach

Myrtos Beach is considered one of the most brilliant beaches that attract tourists on the island of Kefalonia, located 30 km from the north Argostoli region. The beach has gained a good reputation and a global reputation among the islands of Greece due to its exotic waters with different shades of blue that attract the eye and cheer to it The heart as soon as you look at it.

Greece is a major tourist destination in Europe, and its fame precedes it with its superb beauty, great history, islands and countless beaches, so don't hesitate to visit it.

Information about Greece

Flag of Greece Flag of Greece
Where is Greece located Southeastern Europe
The capital of Greece The city of Athens
The currency of Greece EUR EUR
The language of Greece Greek language
Greece local time (GMT + 3 )
Greece international phone code 30 +
Greece main airport Athens International Airport (ATH)
Greece visa information


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