Dubai: Tourism In Dubai (UAE) And The 30 Best Tourist Attractions

Tourism In Dubai

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Over the past few years, the emirate of Dubai has gained a reputation in tourism, perhaps more than other cities in the UAE, until it was recently classified among the most attractive cities for tourism in the world, due to the trend of the architectural and cultural development that invaded it and appeared in the form of giant skyscrapers with innovative engineering designs derived from From the appearance and culture of the city.

If you have chosen tourism in Dubai from tourism in the cities of the Emirates or even other countries, be prepared to see the malls and giant shopping centers and what they provide of commercial and leisure activities that are eye-catching, the artificial islands and what they offer of high-end accommodations and entertainment options, game cities, and distinctive water parks and dolphins houses and hundreds of others One of the funky aspects that Dubai welcomes its visitors.

         All this and more, we will list together during this article.

  • Most important landmarks:

Dubai's most famous tower

1-  Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa

Among the most famous landmarks of Dubai that you can not drop from the map of your visits during tourism in the Emirates , the tower that is described as the tallest skyscraper in the world with a height of 800 meters and its floors reaching 148 floors above the ground provides from above an unconventional panoramic view of it with all The beauty that its bays and deserts reflect, you can enjoy this charm while having a delicious meal in one of the luxurious restaurants on the top of the tower.

  • Prices for entry tickets to Burj Khalifa: 125 AED.
  • The most likely time to visit Burj Khalifa: 1.5 hours.

2- Burj Al Arab Dubai

Burj Al ArabBurj Al Arab

One of the most beautiful places in Dubai that guarantees the tourist an atmosphere of entertainment and enjoyment with a luxurious stay in the most prestigious hotels in the first tourist city in the Emirates and the only one that bears the badge of 7 stars in the country, which is the Burj Al Arab Hotel.

The tower has a unique and unique architectural design with a privileged location in the middle of the bay, as if it were secluded amid an artificial island surrounded by water from every direction, with a height of up to 321 m.

You can ride the boat and enjoy a fun cruise up to the tower and eat or tea in one of its luxurious restaurants and cafes, or enjoy an upscale stay throughout the holiday period in Dubai.

  • Prices for entry tickets to Burj Al Arab:   AED 145.
  • The most likely time to visit Burj Al Arab: an hour.

3- Emirates Towers 


Emirates towers
Emirates towers

One of the prominent landmarks of Dubai and the UAE is recommended to visit during tourism in Dubai.

The towers are two towers with a height ranging between 309-355 m, i.e. between 54-56 floors on an area of ​​more than 42 acres and overlook the famous Sheikh Zayed Road, one of which is a tower that includes thousands of business offices in the country and the second is the Jumeirah Hotel and connects them between the two-story shopping complex As Boulevard, it is surrounded by a series of parks, waterfalls, and artificial lakes.

The two towers were best known for having ranked 42nd, 100th among the tallest skyscrapers in the world.

  • The most likely time to visit the Emirates Towers: 30 minutes.

The most popular entertainment place

1- Dubai Dancing Fountain 

Dubai Dancing Fountain

Dubai Dancing Fountain

One of Dubai's most famous and most popular tourist attractions, with the aim of arriving at tourists in the Emirates from everywhere, the fountain, which is classified as the largest fountains in the world, shoots water with lights up to 140 meters in two directions, accompanied by playing about 35 Arab and foreign music pieces every half hour.

The luminous fountain dancing to the tune of music lies at the foot of the Burj Khalifa, in the middle of a 30-acre lake that can be seen from everywhere in the city.

2- Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai
Ski Dubai

Among the most attractive and popular entertainment places in Dubai among the tourists coming to it, who can believe that the hot and arid desert includes all these heaps and ice particles in peace without melting one ??

You will only believe that if you visit that ice park in its location inside the Mall of the Emirates during the tourism trip in Dubai, which will not only bring you the pleasure and excitement of skiing, but it will also make you live the arctic atmosphere amid dozens of penguins that live on its lands, along with the fun slides and snowy figures in Snow Garden.

In Ski Dubai, you will not need to buy or rent ski equipment from outside, all of which are available inside the park.

  • Prices for entry tickets to Ski Dubai:   AED 120.
  • The likely time to visit Ski Dubai: from 1 to 4 hours.

3- IMG Worlds of Adventure 

IMG Adventure World
IMG Adventure World

One of the best, most attractive and exciting Dubai theme parks for children of all ages, so it is an ideal destination for families during Dubai tourism trips.

The theme of the park is based on creating a fictional world for children's games that simulate cartoon characters or creatures that inhabited the Earth for hundreds of years, such as riding a giant dinosaur back, escorting Spider-Man in one of his exciting adventures across the city, or having fun with Marvel characters, Avengers, Network and other cartoon world characters.

Adults with strong hearts can attend an adventure in the heart of a ghost-haunted house inside the AMG Adventure City near Global Village Dubai.

  • Tickets for entry into the world of IMG Adventure:   AED 299.
  • Tickets for admission to the IMG Adventure World for children (length less than 1.2 meters): 248 AED.
  • Tickets for entry into the world of adventure IMG for children (length less than 1.05 meters): Free
  • Tickets for admission to the IMG Adventure World for the elderly (over 60 years): 175 AED.

4- Dubai Creek

Dubai CreekDubai Creek

If you are looking for tourist places in Dubai that provide you with an enjoyable atmosphere at the same time quiet simple and traditional between the scenic nature of the city, then your best choice is to visit Dubai Creek separating the northern Deira and Bur Dubai South areas.

The history of the ancient creek dates back to 4 thousand years ago and then the era of the thirties of the nineteenth century in its contemporary history, and throughout its history, it has been an active focus for sailboats engaged in fishing and pearl trade.

Sailboats known as the Dao have now been developed from transporting goods to cruise ships that organize cruises for tourists through the city to enjoy its magic and its most famous landmarks along the creek.

5- The Lost Chambers Aquarium

Basin of lost rooms
Basin of lost rooms

One of the most beautiful tourist places in Dubai and the most fun and exciting for fans of adventure and sea life where you can, if you are one of them diving or diving in one of 21 fish tanks with a capacity of 11.5 liters and includes about 65 thousand different types and strange ones in the halls engraved under the water in what is similar to the legend of Atlantis the missing.

This is in addition to interactive presentations to explain the history of the place and its treasures freely.

  • Tickets for entry into the lost room basin:   100 AED.
  • The most likely time to visit a lost dock : 3 hours.

6- Jumeirah Beach

Jumeirah BeachJumeirah Beach

Dubai's most beautiful and most visited beaches are popular with tourists, perhaps thanks to the upscale hotels and resorts that are close to it.

The beach is characterized by its soft white sand and clear water, and its provision of sunbathing facilities and water sports equipment such as windsurfing and so on.

7- Dubai Dolphinarium

Dubai Dolphinarium
Dubai Dolphinarium

It is an ideal landmark for young children that families are recommended to visit during tourism in Dubai to watch live and photographed shows of dolphins and their funny interactions with human beings during the largest closed and air-conditioned hall in the Middle East to embrace dolphins and establish them in an artificial environment similar to their natural environment.

The hall is located in a park in the old town “Bur Dubai” near the bay and opens its doors for school trips and birthday parties for children, in addition to a children's play corner, an Arabesque dance school, and a 5D cinema.

  • Tickets for entry to Dubai Dolphinarium:   AED 100.
  • Most likely time to visit Dubai Dolphinarium: two hours.

8- Global Village

The global village in Dubai
The global village in Dubai

One of the best tourist places in Dubai for evening excursions distinguished by family or friends, where the village pavilions are lit with colorful and decorated lamps that add life and elegance to its goods and exhibits that constitute handicrafts and traditional industries and even the foods that are distinguished and famous in every country in the world, in addition to organizing shows and evenings A fun play, so try not to miss her while visiting Dubai.

9- Dolphin Bay

Dolphin Bay or Dolphin Bay
Dolphin Bay or Dolphin Bay

One of the most attractive and exciting entertainment places in Dubai for families and children during tourism trips in Dubai, where professionals and hobbyists of all ages and even those with little experience in swimming and diving can go to the Gulf lakes at its location at Atlantis Jumeirah Hotel and play with dolphins and photograph for 30 minutes after training in dealing with it. Then get a 25% discount on the fees of visiting missing rooms during the same day to complete the fun of the day between aquariums and exotic marine creatures under the water.

  • Weighted time to visit Dolphin Bay : 3 hours.

10-  Marina


Dubai Marina
Dubai Marina

One of the most beautiful places in Dubai for a relaxing and relaxing picnic is ideal for new couples. The Corniche, which extends for several kilometers from the waterfront of the city, is punctuated by a group of paths, suitable for walks at all times.

In the morning you can go hiking, jogging, or even just quietly strolling without an end, and at noon you can have a delicious meal and a drink at one of the restaurants or cafes that extend the length of the night, but at night you can enjoy a tour among the tall skyscrapers that are reflected from them and the evening lights increase them brightly or visit One of the markets and malls spread around or even enjoy a cruise on the Dubai Creek.

The most important markets and malls in Dubai

1- The Dubai Mall

The Dubai Mall
The Dubai Mall

It is one of the best tourist places in Dubai for shopping enthusiasts and following the latest fashion lines and shouts, the huge mall is classified as the largest shopping center in the world and the most popular and popular with buyers during the seasons of tourism in Dubai.

The mall includes about 1,200 stores, most of which are international brands in the field of fashion, cosmetics, and perfumes such as Chanel, Zara, and Forever 21, in addition to jewelery shops, multi-storey restaurants, and cafes, and entertainment centers such as cinemas and the Dubai Aquarium.

  • The most likely time to visit the Dubai Mall: 1 to 3 hours.

2- Mall of the Emirates

Emirates Mall
Emirates Mall

One of the most famous malls and entertainment venues in Dubai that are intended for locals and foreign tourists alike to enjoy an unparalleled shopping tour among thousands of stores that sell goods from different local and international brands, before they end their shopping tour by spending a fun time with the different entertainment centers that the mall provides for adults And kids like Ski Dubai, where snow skiing with equipment, accompanied by penguins and wonderful snowy snowbirds and complex cinemas and fine restaurants and a diverse and integrated game area.

  • The most likely time to visit the Mall of the Emirates: two hours.

3- Spice Souk

 Spice market

 Spice market

One of the best places in Dubai to visit in spite of its distance from the plans of tourists coming to it, visited by culinary enthusiasts who know the secrets and best flavors to buy the best spices.

The UAE market, famous for selling spices from different countries of the world, is located in the Ras region in Dubai on the Persian Gulf, and it is characterized by the penetration of its smart scents in a unique and strange mixture with colored jute bags containing sharp Gulf, Persian and Indian spices, as well as street vendors selling incense sticks and hookahs.

If you want to violate the plans of other tourists and take a tour of the market during your tourism trip in Dubai, you have made the decision, but try to master the negotiation skill before it.

  • The most likely time to visit the Dubai Spice Market: 1 hour.

4- Gold Souk


Dubai Gold Market
Dubai Gold Market

One of the best places in Dubai to visit especially for women who love gold jewelry, it is not only the UAE market most famous for selling gold, but it is also the most famous and richest in the world.

The market is located near the Gulf of Dubai, where you can enjoy while enjoying a fun cruise by ferry and continue to work until ten in the evening, where the best times to visit in the evening.

  • The most likely time to visit the Dubai gold market: an hour.

The most important parks in Dubai

1- Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden

One of the most beautiful places in Dubai and the most miraculous and comfortable for the eyes, the ideal garden for family outings consisting of vast areas of greenery and flowers represents the survival of life in the deserts of Dubai in itself a miracle placed on the Guinness Book of Records.

You can take your family and children to enjoy the beautifully coordinated solids of ornate, colorful plants and flowers, including the Airbus A308. Or just relax in your own peace and contemplate this beauty, or even wander alone in greenery. However this place is not to be missed when tourism in Dubai.

  • Prices for entry tickets to Dubai Miracle Garden:   50 AED.
  • The most likely time to visit Dubai Miracle Garden : 3 hours.

2- Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo
Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

One of the most beautiful and exciting places in Dubai for young children, as they can see about 140 colorful fish and coral reefs, different marine creatures being raised in huge hanging basins similar to their natural environment, by roaming in its tunnels and corridors or by diving in glass boats.

The Dubai Aquarium or Dubai Water Park is located on the ground floor of the Dubai Mall, where you can enjoy shopping while visiting one of the most beautiful entertainment spots in Dubai and most ideal for families at the same time.

  • The likely time to visit Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo: 2 hours.

3- Aquaventure Waterpark

Aquaventure Water Park
Aquaventure Water Park

Dubai's best, most popular, exciting, and attractive water park for families and children during Dubai tourism trips after enjoyable long tours while stressful shopping and visiting the city's endless skyscrapers.

The water park, which provides an atmosphere of relaxation that is not without fun and excitement, includes a large number of slides and water games, the longest of its kind in the world, such as the nine-storey pause of faith, the water ship, and diving in underwater helmets, "Safari Depths", in addition to swimming pools and games suitable for younger children.

The Aquaventure Park at Atlantis is located inside the Palm Jumeirah with a beach extending 700 meters.

  • Entry tickets to Aquaventure Park:   320 AED.
  • Entrance tickets to Aquaventure theme park for children: AED 260.
  • The most likely time to visit Aquaventure Park: 5 hours.

4- Wild Wadi Water Park

Wild Wadi Water Park
Wild Wadi Water Park

One of the best, most exciting and fun amusement parks in Dubai to suit everyone from children of all ages and adults as well. The park located in the Jumeirah area offers about 30 games and perhaps more varying in strength and spirit of adventure that is transmitted in the hearts of its visitors, it is a wonderful place that is not recommended to leave when planning For a tourism trip in Dubai.

  • Tickets for entry to Wild Wadi Water Park: AED 235.
  • The most likely time to visit Wild Wadi Water Park: 5 hours.

5- Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

Al Mamzar Beach Park

One of the best tourist destinations in Dubai for family outings in a beach park extending over an area of ​​106 hectares on the border between the Emirate of Dubai and Sharjah.

The park is distinguished by its view of the clear seawater and the pure sand spread along with its giant palm trees, with a corner for children's games, a dedicated area for a family barbecue, and the ability to practice different water sports such as swimming, snorkeling, diving, and windsurfing. You can also rent a one-day chalet if you want to add more comfort and luxury For your day.

  • Entrance tickets to Al Mamzar Beach Park: 5 AED.
  • The most likely time to visit Al Mamzar Beach Park: two hours.

The most famous mosque

1- Jumeirah Mosque

Jumeirah Mosque
Jumeirah Mosque

Among the religious landmarks of Dubai, which is very popular among the various tourist delegations, both Muslims and non-Muslims, to enjoy its architecture and distinctive building, "Jumeirah Mosque".

This mosque, which is very similar in design to the Al-Azhar Mosque in Cairo, was designed in the Fatimid style, and it is distinguished by its two stone minarets, which are beautifully illuminated by night lights, in addition to a cultural center that organizes daily guided tours to introduce Islam.

2- Grand Mosque

The Grand Mosque in Dubai
The Grand Mosque in Dubai

Among the tourist attractions of Dubai that attract the attention of tourists coming to tourism in the Emirates of various nationalities and religions because of its high spirituality and architectural masterpieces like no other, the mosque that is located in the Bur Dubai area is one of the largest mosques in Dubai that was built in 1900 but was It was destroyed, then rebuilt in 1960 and has undergone several expansion operations.

The Great Mosque is distinguished by its high minaret, being the largest and tallest minaret in Dubai. It is also distinguished by the wonderful inscriptions, decorations and Islamic inscriptions scattered on the walls.

The most important tourist places in other Dubai

1- Dubai Museum

Dubai Museum
Dubai Museum

One of the tourist attractions in Dubai that explains the historical and cultural hierarchy of the ancient Arab city. The museum, which was previously a fortress named “Al Fahidi Fort” is located in the old town “Bur Dubai”, which is classified as one of the most important tourist areas in Dubai, surrounded by a group of archaeological and heritage sites famous for the city. Its civilization has evolved over the past decades to reach the present and the future.

  • Tickets for entry to Dubai Museum : 3 AED
  • The most likely time to visit Dubai Museum: two hours.

2- Opera

Opera Opera

One of the most recent and most ideal tourist places in Dubai is ideal for amateurs attending cultural and artistic evenings, as the history of the house occupying a large area of ​​the center of Dubai dates back to 2016 and was chosen as a traditional sailing boat with facades that combine glass and steel and reveals the Dubai Creek to be a center of art, culture and entertainment. Different in the city.

Now the theater, with a capacity of about two thousand spectators, receives performances of the most famous bands, ballet, and local, regional and international theater.

3- Bastakiya neighborhood

Al Bastakiya neighborhood
Al Bastakiya neighborhood

One of the most famous and most attractive tourist areas in Dubai for the attention of tourists coming from everywhere with a view to tourism in Dubai, due to its distinguished history and distinctive vintage design of streets and homes.

The history of the neighborhood extending along the eastern mainland of Dubai Bay dates back to the 19th century wherever ancient Persian merchants came to the city to trade in fabric and gemstones. Reflects traditional Arab and Islamic art.

4- Palm Jumeirah

Palm JumeirahPalm Jumeirah

If you are looking for tourist places in Dubai with a high degree of sophistication and excellence, you are welcome in Palm Jumeirah, the largest artificial island in the world and one of the most beautiful entertainment places in Dubai, where the impressive design and the most impressive content in dozens of restaurants, luxury bars and world-class 5-star hotels always full such as Fairmont, Anantara and Atlantis, where you can grab an elegant room while lucky and enjoy unparalleled hotel service.

5- Sheikh Zayed Road

El-Shikh Zayed street
El-Shikh Zayed street

It is the main road in the city center and even its lifeline, which embraces the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai and its commercial centers that achieve the highest attraction for tourism rates in the Emirates, where along the street are skyscrapers with glittering crystal facades such as the Khalifa Towers, the Arabs, the World Trade Center and high-end international hotel chains with giant shopping centers as a mall Dubai, the Emirates, and the gold market, as well as 30 small stores and 118 separate factories. You can rent a car in Dubai to roam around, or even walk around to see Dubai's most beautiful markets.

It is one of the main landmarks of Dubai and the landmarks of the Emirates as a whole, which you will definitely pass during the Dubai tourism trip, whether you like it or not.

6- The World Islands

The World Islands

The World Islands

It is not an ordinary landmark of Dubai, but a first-class architectural masterpiece that is unmatched by another engineering innovation in the Emirates or the world at large.

The place, which extends up to 9 km in length and 6 km in width, is a group of small artificial islands that represent the continents and cities of the world, amounting to 300 small islands separating each other from an area of ​​water.

The World Islands are located 4 km from Jumeirah Beach and are divided into 4 parts including private homes, real estate, resorts, and tourist attractions.

And after we got to know the most famous tourist attractions in Dubai and all the areas in it, you do not miss the opportunity to travel to Dubai and see all this beauty.

  • The time is likely to visit the world button in Dubai : 3 hours.


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