Tourism In India And The 9 Best Cities To Deserve Your Visit

Tourism In India

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Tourism In India: Over many decades, India has succeeded in giving fame to its most beautiful landmarks through its cinematic and dramatic works that have taken from the picturesque Indian nature and the most famous archaeological sites across India sites to depict its scenes, which had a great role in achieving rates of tourist attraction higher year after year.

India has won the title of the sub-continent or the peninsula. Water is bordered by three directions, namely the Arabian Sea to the west, the Indian Ocean to the south, the Bay of Bengal to the east, and this strategic location has contributed greatly to making tourism in India an end for many.

India is considered one of the cheapest tourist countries in the world in addition to its reputation and reputation due to its tourist characteristics that satisfy the tastes of different tourists from historical-cultural cultural-religious derived from many cultures and civilizations around the world, so you feel as if you are visiting several countries and you are in the heart of one country, and this is not without Some entertainment, lots of tranquility and the beauty of nature.

The most important cities of India

Tourism In India - Tourism in Kerala

Munnar Hill
Munnar Hill

Kerala has a picturesque nature that combines dense forests, lush trees, hills covered with green and pure rivers running alongside a unique and diverse wild life, which makes Kerala a special destination for every tourist looking for beauty, tranquility, tranquility and recreation that is not without some adventure and madness, so do not forget to include it in your list that It is considered as the most important tourism site in India.

  • The most important landmarks of Kerala :

  • Munnar Hill

  • One of the areas of tourism in India, which enjoys a wonderful view between the famous tea plantations and Indian spices, and the most amazing view of the waterfalls, lakes, and exciting mountain slopes of the safari tours on foot.
  • Tata T Museum

Tata T Museum
Tata T Museum

One of the most unique things about Indian cuisine is Indian tea with its aroma, flavor and ingredients, so if your curiosity is pushing you to learn more about the history and manufacture of Indian tea just visit the Tata TV Kerala Museum.

  • Lake Kundala

One of the best places to visit in India for fans of boat tours and fishing amid recreation and the calm nature, pure and clear lake lake provides.

Lake Kundala
Lake Kundala
  • Mothanga Wildlife Reserve

Where a journey filled with adventure and madness among the most beautiful animals and wild birds that India is famous for in closely watching live and exciting pictures for the curiosity of photography lovers, do you have enough madness and emotional stability to lead an experience like that?

  • Theronakara Mahadeva Temple

After an appetizing dose of the unique and picturesque nature of Kerala, is it not time to receive an intense dose from its ancient history by visiting the Hindu temple of Theronakaramahadiva, which hundreds of tourists from different religions and parts come to, and it is considered one of the most important features of the temple that offer delicious Indian cuisine and opportunities for free strangers, perhaps The strangest thing ever to fully sanctify dogs in this place.

Tourism in Mumbai (Bombay) - Tourism In IndiaFlora Fountain
Flora Fountain

Mumbai is one of the most important areas of tourism in India, where the nightlife, the hustle and bustle, the fun and entertainment at night in the city that does not rest or sleep, however, the journey of tourism in Bombay will not pass without such a heavy dose of its historical monuments.

  • The most important landmarks of Mumbai “Bombay” - Tourism In India:

  • Flora Fountain

Surprisingly, you see a Roman goddess in India, right? Perhaps when you plan your trip, keep in mind that you will find hundreds of temples, Hindu and Buddhist machine statues, and some monumental mosques with majestic construction, but this is Mumbai, the most beautiful city of India, the city of difference, you can see the memorial of the Roman goddess Flora and the water flowing from it from every direction on your way to the center The main shopping is in the city center.

  • Elephanta Island

Elephanta Island
Elephanta Island

It is an island 10 kilometers east of Mumbai, about an hour by ferry, and it includes rock sculptures dating back to the fifth century AD that are most attractive to tourists for tourism in India, and perhaps the largest and most attractive of all is the statue of the three-faced Shiva deity About 6 meters.

  • Chowpatty Beach

If the goal of tourism in India is you have to attend and participate in distinctive Indian festivals and dances and take some memorable photos, Chawabati is an ideal spot for that, with its various water sports and dancing celebrations full of fun throughout the year.

Tourism in Kashmir - Tourism In India


Tourism in India is not called tourism without interspersed with the name Kashmir, as tourism in Kashmir is distinguished by diversity and satisfying all desires and tastes, on the one hand you find religious shrines that not only attract its sanctuaries, but also attract tourists from everywhere in the world to see their luxurious and exquisite architectural designs, on the other hand You will find the beautiful, mountainous, watery and mountainous nature surrounded by greenery from everywhere.

  • The most important landmarks of the city of Kashmir - Tourism In India:

  • Srinagar

One of the most beautiful cities in India that attracts lovers of quiet rural traditional life where boat trips in the Jhelum River, take pictures of the most beautiful pictures of landscapes, gardens, palaces and mosques dating back to the rule of the Mongols.

Do not miss to attend the tulip festival during the month of April, where you will enjoy a view that opens millions of colorful flowers as a painting that Indians receive with their famous folk songs and dances while selling handicrafts and delicious Indian cuisine within the celebration passages.

  • Amarnath Cave

One of the most sacred religious sites in India dating back to the third century BC, Amarnath Cave is characterized by its great depth which exceeds 12 thousand feet in the heart of the snowy mountains in Kashmir, which makes it a great masterpiece, tourists come from all over the world to be dazzled with its vision.

  • Lake Mansapal

Lake Mansapal
Lake Mansapal

An ideal destination for you as a tourist looking for the most beautiful landscapes in India that can be taken by his camera, where the lotus flowers that grow around the lake in a picturesque appearance and waterfowl as they land on the surface of the lake to eat their food safely before flying again in the sky, along with seeing ancient sculptures dating back For the time of the Mongols, and other religious follow Buddhists

  • Barry Mahal

One of the most beautiful areas of tourism in India, where you can enjoy the magnificent view of the greenery, which occupies seven terraces built on mountain peaks during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan.

Tourism in Goa - Tourism In India

Doddasagar Falls
Doddasagar Falls

One of the most important tourism destinations in India with a charming beach nature, where you can enjoy renting a small cottage on the seashore where the simplicity, recreation and tranquility that nature provides you in Goa. Unparalleled anywhere in India as well as being the center of many water sports.

  • The most important landmarks of the city of Goa:

  • Dodsagar Falls

Where you can enjoy a visit to one of the highest waterfalls in India, where the water rushes between the mountains covered with greenery at an altitude of 1017 feet and it looks like pure white milk, it is the best ever in the fall season where the monsoon rains fall on top of the mountains and then to the waterfalls.

  • Andaman Islands “Paradise of the Beach”

Andaman Islands
Andaman Islands

One of the best tourist places in India, where beach tourism and exciting water sports such as surfing and diving among the most beautiful views of coral reefs, colorful fish and various marine creatures.

  • Les Ladakh:

Where you can enjoy among the most beautiful landscapes in India during your night camping trip between the mountains and under the sky with its sparkling stars like candlelight, and in the morning you can ride four-wheel bikes and enjoy the unique desert safari experience.

Tourism in Agra - Tourism In India

Taj Mahal
Taj Mahal

Agra is one of India's densely populated cities so crowding will often be the hallmark of the place. She left it without visiting its full features, which attest to the greatness of the Mongols, their art and their magnificent architectural taste, along with their picturesque nature in clear green appearances with extensive gardens and quiet rural villages.

  • The most important landmarks of Agra:

  • Taj Mahal

One of the most famous landmarks of India at all, the Bollywood movie is almost free of a scene in front of it or its surroundings, and the Taj Mahal is one of the most attractive tourist attractions in India thanks to its reputation and wonderful design that was taken from the foreign engineers who built it for nearly a quarter of a century of construction operations.

The legendary building built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan in memory of his late wife is distinguished by its four entrances, high domes, and its interior in white marble and precious stones, in addition to the green courtyards that surround its construction, a place like this that you can not miss visiting and photographing during the tourism trip in India.

You can get a good view of the Taj Mahal without having to face the crowds of people coming to it from everywhere, or pay an entry ticket that may be too expensive for you across the road from the Mahtab Bagh Park to the village of Kashiura on the banks of the river opposite the Taj Mahal.

  • The Red Fort “Agra Castle”

Agra Fort
Agra Fort

Among the most famous landmarks of India and Agra that were mentioned in the historical Indian series, the history of the great castle dates back to the reign of the Mughal Sultan Jalaluddin Akbar during the 15th century, and besides being an archaeological building open to the general public, it remains as it was during the days of the Mughal rule includes government buildings, you can in Agra Castle Enjoy its distinctive architectural design, visit the ancient mosques in its surroundings, and take memorial photos.

  • old City

Where you can buy Indian spices, traditional attire, jewelry with famous and distinctive Indian designs, and other commodities that India is famous for, trying light and delicious Indian cuisine, all through intertwined alleys such as the maze filled with small pubs that are filled with these distinctive goods in an experience that combines shopping and exploration.

Tourism in Bangalore - Tourism In India

The Bangalore Palace
The Bangalore Palace

It may not contain many tourist attractions like other cities of India despite its ancient history, but the tourism in Bangalore is really different, it is a city that combines the fragrant past with the modernity of the present in a diverse tourist mix that combines culture and history, distinctive architecture, picturesque nature, and spiritual religious nature .

Most of the tourism centers in Bangalore date back to the 17th century which witnessed the reign of Emperor Tipu Sultan of India, so it is one of the ancient spots that you will truly enjoy while tourism in India.

  • The most important landmarks of the city of Bangalore:

  • The Bangalore Palace

Where you can enjoy watching and photographing an architectural masterpiece comparable to ancient English forts but on the land of India. The palace is distinguished by its front facade, with tall towers.

  • Tipu Sultan Castle

Tipu Sultan Castle
Tipu Sultan Castle

Where you can enjoy seeing a mixture of Islamic and Hindu architecture in a single building that reflects freedom of worship and different religions, beliefs and sects, which is one of the most important features of India, and the main castle square includes a unique old style temple.

  • Laibagh Park

One of the oldest gardens in India that provides unlimited pleasure while watching the finest plants, flowers and lush trees, fruitful over an area of ​​more than 240 acres of green and cheerful colors, with a glass building in the shape of a jewel occupies the heart of the garden

  • Atara Court

It is an integrated archaeological area that has a unique Gothic architecture that appears in the bright red court building and the National Museum that collects antiques, paintings and rare antique coins.

Tourism in New Delhi - Tourism In India

Friday Mosque
Friday Mosque

Since it is the capital of India, it was only natural that it was filled with dozens of different sites and monuments that attract attention, which combine the nobility of the state and its capital since the Mughal era and the modernity of the present.

As the second capital of the ancient Mughal, New Delhi is witnessed by Agra dozens of distinctive Islamic shrines, shrines, temples, markets, museums and a wonderful wildlife.

And of course, tourism in India without visiting the sights of the capital will lose much of its flavor.

  • The most important landmarks of New Delhi:

  • The mosque of the mosque

One of the oldest mosques in the capital of ancient India, Delhi, since its construction dates back to the 17th century, and it is a religious place that enjoys a high degree of spirituality and sanctity among the Muslims of India and is the largest mosque in India with an area of ​​25,000 worshipers.

  • India Gate

India Gate
India Gate

It is a huge sandstone monument built to commemorate the victims of the First World War of Indian soldiers, located in the city center at a height of 42 meters and surrounded by wide green areas, and it is one of the most beautiful and crowded flags in the capital of India and the most places where you can mix with the indigenous people of the city.

  • Chowk Chowk, Sarojini Market

One of the oldest wholesale markets in the capital of ancient India, thanks to the construction of the Mughal Sultan Shah Jahan, founder of the Taj Mahal in the 17th century, now you can buy everything from it before you end the tour of India, but be sure to master the art of bargaining before buying to obtain a winning deal.

While the Sarojini market, which is a kiss for the indigenous people before the tourists, gives you a great opportunity to buy valuable souvenirs and traditional Indian dress but again don't forget to bargain.

  • Minar pole

Minar pole
Minar pole

Where you can see the tallest minaret in India, the second tallest minaret in the world, and the Minar Qutb minaret is marked in red and orange color, which it drew from the sandstone used to build it, in addition to the decorated stone arches.

  • the Red Castle

It is located south of the capital of India, New Delhi, where you can enjoy watching the ancient Mughal rule in Old Delhi, which combines the beauty of Indian, Persian and Islamic architecture and the double domes that characterized Mughal architecture at the time, and if you want to know more about the history of the construction of the Red Fort and its Mughal founders, you should visit it and see what it offers Documentary documentaries and anecdotal sound shows.

  • Lotus Temple

Lotus Temple
Lotus Temple

A Bahai temple, but it is one of the attractions of tourism in India of various religions and nationalities in the world. The Lotus Temple enjoys its Iranian design in the form of the famous lotus tree and its marble building stones which were attracted from Greece and its multiple gates “9 gates”, in addition to the aesthetic view that surrounds it from Garden and pool, so you can enjoy the beauty of magnificence design and beauty at the same time.

  • the National Museum

The largest museum in India in terms of how many archaeological exhibits you can see in it and learn about the history of India for 4 thousand years through it, the museum includes a Buddhist temple, one section for the effects of Asia and another for the effects of the West, and the section of sculptures and art paintings, along with jewelry, statues and precious stones.

  • Humayun's Tomb

Humayun's Tomb
Humayun's Tomb

One of the most famous landmarks of India, which is distinguished by its Persian architectural design, due to its designer, in Humayun Mausoleum you will enjoy watching Persian architecture on its origins through two floors of sandstone adorned with a double white marble dome and Qur'anic decorations around Humayun's tomb, along with a magnificent quadruple garden with intersecting bridges Industrial water pools

  • National Zoo

An ideal destination for photography enthusiasts in India and its capital, the 71-hectare park has thousands of wildlife and birds in India.

Tourism in Kochi

Vigaland Entertainment City
Vigaland Entertainment City

Kochi may be somewhat distinct from the tourism areas of India in other cities, it is a city that combines entertainment and traditional heritage art, rare wild life and unique in the presence of the archaeological treasures of museums and antique palaces.

  • The most important landmarks of the city of Kochi:

  • Vigaland Entertainment City

If the tourism trip in India is to be accompanied by family and children, do not forget when you visit Kochi to go up the hill to spend a special fun day in Vigaland amusement park and the oldest water theme park for children in the city, where your children will enjoy dozens of special games that the city offers them.

  • Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary

One of the best places to visit in India in general and Kochi in particular, where you can enjoy watching and photographing hundreds of endangered species of birds, along with marine mangrove forests, with natural lakes that contain wonderful and rare types of fish and marine creatures.

  • Folklore Museum

Folklore Museum
Folklore Museum

If you are a tourist interested in seeing the archaeological antiques and the various means of life and living in India's abysmal history, in addition to attending some cultural exhibitions, seeing Indian handicrafts and enjoying the distinctive Indian dances and songs, the Kerala Folklore Museum and Theater in Kochi is your primary destination.

  • The Indo-Portuguese Museum

If you, as a tourist, want to enjoy the antiquities of two countries with a single trip to one country, the Indian-Portuguese Museum is your ideal destination, as the museum built by the previous Bishop of Kochi in its five halls includes a large collection of antiques and relics symbolizing the civil and religious life in India and Portugal that were the first under colonial control in the past On top of it is the Professional Cross in its wood and pure silver body.

  • Hill Palace

One of the most famous landmarks of India and the largest heritage archaeological palaces in it, as the history of the palace dates back to the mid-17th century and the Hill Palace includes about 49 buildings surrounded by vast gardens, in addition to the huge monuments and exhibition of modern art and weapons that India knew in the ancient times.

Tourism in Hyderabad

Mecca Mosque
Mecca Mosque

Hyderabad is one of the cities of India with a Muslim majority, making it famous for religious tourism in the form of ancient mosques with great design, construction and structure, with some monuments dating back to the era of the British occupation, and picturesque natural monuments, so if you intend to travel to India do not miss the status of Haider Abad within the tourism plan in India.

  • The most important landmarks of Hyderabad city:

  • Mecca Mosque

Its construction was completed in the late 17th century after 77 years of construction to receive about a thousand worshipers. By visiting the Makkah Mosque in Hyderabad, you will evoke the spirit of tourism in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, with its sacred religious landmarks. The poetry of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, was preserved in one of the rooms of the mosque.

Don't forget to buy a Bidari or Biddar from Hyderabad, one of the most beautiful ancient gifts that you can buy from Hyderabad for your family or friends in your home country, and don't forget yourself in a piece as well.

The Biddar is a traditional handicraft dating back 4 centuries in which vessels of copper or zinc are inlaid with silver in a stunning artistic form.

Sharimnar Mosque (Jhar Manar)

Sharimnar Mosque
Sharimnar Mosque

Jahar Manar means the four minarets. The mosque is located in Hyderabad. It is characterized by its high dome “more than 48 meters” and its distinctive and ancient architectural design and charming night lights that attract to it every evening hundreds of expatriates for the sake of tourism in India. It also sells jewelery, jewelery and authentic Indian wedding attire.

  • Hussain Sagar Lake

Hussain Sagar Lake
Hussain Sagar Lake

It is one of the tributaries of the Musa River in India and is the main waterfront of Hyderabad. In Hussain Sagar you can enjoy a half-hour boat cruise along the lake, but if you do a night cruise, don't be afraid if you see something illuminating in the middle of the lake, it's a 18-meter-high Buddha statue.

  • British Palace

It is a stately mansion with stunning classical architectural designs dating back to the early nineteenth century when India was one of the British colonies, the legendary palace in Hyderabad was created by a representative of the East India Company.

In the British Palace you can enjoy seeing the exterior façade designs, despite being greatly influenced by the monuments of time, the huge ballroom with its distinctive design, giant illuminated chandeliers.

The most important landmarks in other cities of India

  • Gold Temple

Gold Temple
Gold Temple

Located in Amritsar, the temple is a sacred shrine for Sikhs, but it attracts tourists from different religions from everywhere in the world thanks to its amazing design of pure gold and marble.

  • Abu Mountain

Located in the city of Rajasthan, Jabal Abu is an ideal destination for nature lovers and adventure away from the hustle and bustle of urban cities where you can visit the distinctive temples and fortresses on its summit or enjoy the oases of Rajasthan desert or its forests and dense trees surrounded by lakes in other spots.

  • Jaipur Bazaars

Jaipur is a Rajasthani state in India that is distinguished by its markets and shops through which you can buy unique gifts for your family such as souvenirs, textiles, perfumes and handicrafts from Babu Bazar, or the distinctive silver or golden jewelry that characterizes India from Johari Bazar.

The most important airports in India - Tourism In India

  • Delhi International Airport (Indira Gandhi International):

Indira Gandhi International Airport
Indira Gandhi International Airport

It is the main airport in India and its oldest airport ever. The Indira Gandhi International Airport is located to the southwest of Delhi, 16 km from the city center.

  • Kerala International Airport (Cochin International):

It is the city's largest airport, which includes two others. Kerala International Airport receives and deposits regular international flights to the regions of Southeast Asia, the United States, Europe and the Middle East, in addition to domestic flights to Mumbai and other Indian cities.

  • Mumbai International Airport (Chatrapachivaji International):

Time at Bombay International Airport is always a peak time, it is the second most crowded airport in India and Southeast Asia with farewell and arriving travelers from everywhere.

Best times to travel to India - Tourism In India


India has a geographical climate diversity that appears in the form of 4 main climatic ranges: humid tropical “forest areas in the southwest of the country”, dry tropical “western deserts”, humid subtropics, Himalayas and alpine plains and riverbanks where the ice climate is.

This gives it a mild, daytime climate with pleasant nights especially during the fall and spring seasons, with snowfall rain on mountain tops during the winter and during the monsoons.

The seasons of India are divided into summer, starting from March to May, autumn with monsoon rain from June to September, winter during January and February, spring from October to December.

The most convenient time to travel to India is spring and winter in most cities except for Kashmir, which you prefer to visit in the summer and spring, and Kerala, which is preferred to visit in the middle of spring until early winter and during the fall season.

India visa

India visa
India visa

Getting a tourist visa in India is one of the easy and uncomplicated things that you can do while sitting at your home through the Indian government website by submitting an electronic application for an electronic visa to enter the Indian lands for the purpose of tourism.

To obtain a tourist visa in India, in addition to the personal data form that you must fill out on the government’s website, you must have a passport valid for at least 6 months since the date of arrival in India that contains at least two blank pages of the official signatures required for you there.

Scanning passport data and two 4x4 personal photos on a white background.

Flight card for return or to go and return together and initial reservation of the residence hotel with bank account details during the last six months to ensure that the visa applicant has an amount covering the costs of establishing tourism in India.

A letter from the employer or university if you are still requesting approval for a travel permit.

After considering your request to obtain a tourist visa in India, which may take between 4 to 120 days before accepting the application, print two copies of the form that you filled out electronically and go to the headquarters of the Indian embassy in your country to take your fingerprints and pay the required fees, and the visa is usually delivered within The next day, your entry visa to India is valid for one or two times a maximum within 5 years with a stay of up to two months.

Excluded from obtaining electronic visa holders of Pakistani passports or those of Pakistani origin, they must go to the headquarters of the Indian Embassy in Pakistan themselves and follow the procedures for obtaining the visa in person, as well as those who do not have their own passport such as those added to the husband or one of the parents, or representatives of missions Diplomacy.

You can fill out the travel visa application form to India and learn about the countries that are allowed to obtain India visa through the official website of the Indian government.

India is characterized by an irresistible historical-cultural mixture and some traditions and social occasions that push you to travel on your own to see the beauty of nature, the amazing architecture and art of buildings and archaeological sites, mix with the indigenous people and get to know them and their customs and traditions closely and experience their delicious food and their unique costume, India has more than what it has to offer You have a movie or series that has a unique pleasure and experience that you will only taste through tourism in India

Information about India

Flag of India India-Flag
Where is India South Asia
capital of India New Delhi
The currency of India Indian rupees ₨
The language of India Hindi,  English
India local time (GMT + 5:30 )
India international phone code 91 +
India's main airport Indira Gandhi International Airport (DEL)
Information about India

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