Tourism In Azerbaijan And The 6 Best Cities Worth Visiting

Travel to Azerbaijan

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Many people mean tourism in Azerbaijan for many reasons, as it is the country located in the South Caucasus between Europe and Asia, has many promising and impressive attractions, in addition to the state's interest in tourism popularity. Providing cheap and good means of transportation, with Azerbaijan enjoying a unique diversity in the areas of tourism, entertainment, historical and heritage, and a group of rare museums, in addition to the picturesque nature and multiple means of entertainment, as well as providing medical tourism in many hospital areas.

Perhaps Baku, the capital, is one of the most important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan because of its many constituents. It is also an identification card for the country through the historical heritage it exposes to the visitor. Also, Azerbaijan can be reached through a group of modern international airports that connect the country with all countries of the world, and provides access to it Through special flights.

The most important cities of Azerbaijan

Tourism in Baku

Travel to Azerbaijan
Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku

Baku is the capital of Azerbaijan and the most important city in that country, and it has the most important and most beautiful tourist attractions in Azerbaijan, and it is your gateway to get acquainted with its history through the important historical and historical monuments in it such as the old city, Virgo and Aliyev Center, and it has many museums with rare collections such as the National Museum of Azerbaijani Literature The Carpet Museum, and it is a great center for shopping, entertainment and relaxation, and also you can taste delicious types of local food in its various restaurants.

  • The most important 3 landmarks in Baku:

1- Baku Old City

There is no doubt that the old city in Baku is one of the most important places of tourism in Azerbaijan due to its historical importance, and the visitors' fondness for everything that is ancient in it carries the archaeological character and tells the stories of the ancient, as the history of the ancient city dates back to the Bronze Age, and this is evident in the excavations on the ancient walls.

Due to its important location on the Caspian Sea, many civilizations, such as the Persian, Byzantine and Islamic civilizations, followed in addition to the Russian occupation of it, and previously had two gates, one for entry and the other for exit, in addition to some watchtowers.

The ancient city was surrounded by a 221-meter-long wall and still has remnants until now, and the purpose of its construction was to protect the city from external invasions, and inside the city there are a large number of shrines such as the Saray Al-Saada, Hajji Qayyib Mosque, the Bab al-Hiba Mosque, the Bakawi Fire Temple, and the Shrwanshani Palace, It is like an open museum.

2- Maiden Tower

Travel to Azerbaijan

Maiden Tower or Maiden Tower is one of the most important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan and one of the important landmarks of the capital Baku, which is located in the old city. It is a castle overlooking the Caspian Sea.

A visitor can climb to the top of the tower and see the Caspian Sea and many historical palaces in the region. The tower also includes a small museum on one of its floors that contains important holdings of this historical era, as well as many artifacts expressing the succession of the ruling families that passed through the country.

Al-Burj Square witnesses many festivals during the celebration of Nowruz, all of which reflect the intellectual and human heritage of the people.

3- Heydar Aliyev Center

Heydar Aliyev Center is one of the most important landmarks of the capital Baku, which is a cultural center bearing the name of the former president Heydar Aliyev, and is located at the top of the interests of tourism in Azerbaijan. Worldwide famous for culture and various sciences and a popular destination from all over the world.

The center oversees stunning landscapes with an artificial waterfall that gives a feeling of comfort and tranquility to visitors, and it has a conference center, in addition to a large library that allows everyone to enter without barriers, and the center has many halls that display different heritage holdings, perhaps the most important of which is the carpets that are famous for its production in Azerbaijan, and there are 4 full floors of parking.

Tourism in Gabala

Travel to Azerbaijan
Gabala city

Gabala is the oldest historical place in the country. Therefore, it is one of the most important tourist destinations in Azerbaijan that visitors love for authenticity, history and ancient monuments. Old Gabala.

The most striking thing about Gabala is the green chestnut and walnut forests, and modern recreational facilities such as the entertainment city of Gabaland, and there are many wonderful waterfalls such as the mountain guzel waterfall, and you will also find Islamic attractions in which the tourist spends an important time such as the new Gabala city mosque.

  • The most important 3 landmarks in Gabala:

1- The ancient city of Gabala

According to historical sources, the ancient city of Gabala was built in the first century AD, and many different historical epochs passed through it, until the Islamic conquest of it, and then the Mongols occupied it, and then the Ottoman Turks followed them, and the Soviet occupation of the country followed them, and it was natural to leave each stage Historically its effects on the city, and from here the historical wealth of it is steeped in ancient times, museums and various heritage sites have made it the kiss of tourism in Azerbaijan.

After independence from the Soviet Union, many buildings were removed in order to introduce many renovations and services, as well as a green belt was created around the coasts and beaches and many facilities were created that serve the tourist activity in the city.

2- Yeddi Gozel Waterfall

Travel to Azerbaijan
Mountain guzel waterfall

One of the most important areas of tourism in Azerbaijan, specifically in the city of Gabala in the region of the seven waterfalls, especially the mountain guzel waterfall, where young and old people love this wonderful atmosphere and stunning scenery surrounding the waterfalls.

Those wishing to reach the top of the waterfall will find a short, stepwise path, albeit somewhat difficult, but reaching the top of the waterfall and the wonderful scenes the tourist makes makes it worth it, do not forget, dear visitor, to take more rare photos whether you are at the top of the waterfall or in its surroundings You can also rest and have a delicious meal in the restaurant next to the waterfall.

The Mechexador Waterfall is the highest waterfall in the Seven Falls area, with a height of 53 meters.

3- Gabala City New Mosque

The Gabala mosque is one of the most important tourist attractions in the city of Gabala, which receives interest and interest in tourism in Azerbaijan to visit the religious monuments in the city, and the new mosque of the city of Gabala represents the most important of these attractions with its distinctive architecture, wonderful design, and carved beautiful Islamic gilded decorations covering its corridors and pillars, and Quranic verses With artistic Arabic fonts that represent a summit in creativity and beauty.

Tourism in Quba

The city of Quba

If you are a dear tourist who loves to relax and away from the noise of crowded cities and capitals, then the most suitable place for that is the city of Quba, which is 180 km from the capital Baku, located on the slopes of the Caucasus Islands and on the bank of the Judyal Pony.

It is really a wonderful site that speaks of calm and beauty, with a lot of aromas of the past and its attractive effects for lovers of tourism in Azerbaijan, and it has modernity, development and luxury as well as picturesque nature and wonderful parks, it is beautiful Quba.

Nature lovers and recreation will spend wonderful times around the Uffordsee waterfalls, and the company of children in the park Nizami with its gardens and orchards and areas for children in it will be wonderful, while lovers of religious tourism and its distinctive monuments and buildings will live moments of majesty and asceticism within the Juma Mosque.

  • The most important 3 landmarks in Quba:

1- Afurdzhi Falls

The nature of the place will fascinate you. The closer you come to the location of the Avordsi waterfalls, the more clear the sound of raining water. It represents a wonderful symphony with its mixing with the voices of songbirds. And harmonize with this wonderful divine composition to become part of this wonderful universe.

You will find a small elegant break offering tea with jam and honey in a light meal that gives you more vitality and energy, and do not forget this is your chance to take wonderful memorial photos to convey a true picture of tourism in Azerbaijan.

2- Nizami Park

Travel to Azerbaijan
Nizami Park

Nizami Garden is a relatively small garden, but it is of great importance, as it represents the best place for the people of Quba and its visitors to meet, as it is always the appropriate place for holding meetings and conferences, as well as popular festivals in which young and old participate, and it has a beautiful architectural theme.

There are many marble and bronze statues of poets and celebrities in the garden, as well as a wonderful museum that has many holdings, and also there are fountains, some dating back to the 19th century, and the beginnings of the 20th century, as well as sculptures and decorations that give the place a high artistic value, also features The park offers various cafes, restaurants and shops that satisfy shopping lovers, especially from local products. Therefore, expatriates for tourism in Azerbaijan will have fun at Nizami Park.

3- Juma Mosque

In a country where most of its inhabitants embrace the Islamic religion, it is natural for many mosques to be spread in it. The great.

Juma Mosque is one of the important mosques located in Quba and is characterized by a unique location surrounded by meadows and gardens. It is an old mosque built since the 19th century. It is at the top of tourist attractions in Azerbaijan.

Tourism in Sheki

Travel to Azerbaijan
Shaky Khan Palace, Shiki City

The ancient cities continue to bear the glow and splendor of history and the destination of tourism in the main Azerbaijan, and Shiki comes to translate the intimate of history and the originality of the place with its unique location on the tops of the Caucasus Mountains with a nature dominated by the wonders of nature and its irresistible charm, where the springs of pure water, rivers and forests are spread, if we add to the charm of the site and nature The antiquity of the past and the treasures of history, where studies and excavations have proven that the city of Sheki is not less than 2,500 years old, and carries the secrets of past ages.

The city remains faithful to its treasures, preserving its ancient monuments from the narrow streets, its alleys covered with gravel, and its small houses that are distinguished by its red tiles and gates made of carved wood, which are often surrounded by fences of beautiful colored stones, and those many foundations in Sheki made it the seat of many festivals and celebrations on International and domestic level, and has many attractions that we will learn about.

  • The 3 most important landmarks in Sheki City:

1- Palace of Shaki Khans

This palace represents the pinnacle of medieval Azerbaijani architectural creativity, the most characteristic of this palace is the splendid mosaic paintings of cheerful colors. All local building materials, and therefore it is one of the tourist attractions in beautiful Azerbaijan, which attracts tourists.

2- Gelersen-Görersen fortress

Travel to Azerbaijan
Glersen-Jürerson Fortress

The history of the construction of the Glersen-Jürsen Castle dates back to the 15th century, and it is built on the western bank of the Kish River, and is several kilometers away from the city in a distinctive strategic location in order to provide protection for the city, and the most important characteristic of this fort is its views on the stunning views and charming nature that attracts the tourist with An opportunity to take many memorial photos.

3- Omar Effendi Mosque

The Omar Effendi Mosque is considered one of the most important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan, as it is characterized by delicate design and splendor of its construction as it dates back to the 19th century, and it is built of burnt bricks, and its windows decorate many wonderful fine inscriptions, the mosque combines Islamic architecture and authentic Azerbaijani art, and it forms with nature Surrounding it is a wonderful painting, in harmony with the beauty of nature and the splendor of art.

Tourism in Kanjah

Travel to Azerbaijan
Lake Guigul in the city of Kanjh

The city of Kanjah is considered one of the cities that attract tourism in Azerbaijan because of its many constituents, it is one of the oldest cities of Azerbaijan, where its history dates back to the year 494 BC, and is distinguished by its great rise from the sea surface, which prepares the visitor with a pleasant fresh atmosphere, which is rich in landscapes, rivers and springs Warm running water, which is usually intended for hospitalization.

This is in addition to its historical constituents and the different eras that passed through it and left it with a large balance of important historical monuments such as the tomb of Nizami al-Kanjawi, Lake Ghoygul, and the Sheikh Bahauddin complex. And silk.

  • The 3 most important landmarks in the city of Kinga:

1- Lake Goygol

There are many natural lakes located in the city of Kanja, such as Maral Lake, Agil, Jake and Sam Legel, all surrounded by forests and wonderful scenery, but Lake Goygol is the largest and most beautiful with its clear waters and green areas surrounding it, and it is one of the most important destinations of tourism in Azerbaijan where it is intended by swimming enthusiasts Those who love to ride boats in the lake and watch the sunset, and all these romantics and dreamers enjoy this charming atmosphere while listening to relaxing music, and fishing lovers will find their way to this wonderful place.

2- Sheikh Bahauddin Complex

Travel to Azerbaijan
Sheikh Bahauddin complex

Sheikh Bahauddin established this complex, which was keen to include many important monuments, it includes the Friday Mosque, which was built during the reign of Shah Abbas in 1606 and is one of the beautiful heritage mosques with its wonderful decorations, and a prayer hall for women was dedicated to it, and the complex also includes a Chekyak-Khamamy bath The antique is made of red brick with a beautiful fountain in the middle, and it was equipped with a tube to enter the steam to warm the bathroom. It has been operating regularly for 400 years, and it stopped working in 1963.

The complex also includes a place for education and the acquisition of various knowledge for students, and its name was Caravanserai and it was one of the means of spreading culture and knowledge in the city. The complex is surrounded by many shops and beautiful gardens, so do not miss to visit this complex, which is one of the most important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan.

3- Nizami Ganjevi Mausoleum

Nizami al-Kanjawi, one of the famous poets of the city of Kanjah, was born in 1141, and this great poet, his enlightening and educational role was not limited to Azerbaijan alone, but that his influence reached the whole world through his wonderful poems about the philosophy of existence and life, which dealt with moral values ​​in general, therefore The shrine is intended for lovers from all the Bekaa. As for the architectural aspect, the shrine is cylindrical in shape and has a relatively small entrance in relation to its size. It was used in its construction of red granite, and it is considered one of the most important landmarks of tourism in Azerbaijan.

Tourism in Lankaran

Travel to Azerbaijan
The city of Denran

Denver is one of the beautiful cities of Azerbaijan located on the Caspian Sea in the southeast of the country, and all the elements of tourism in the city include the most important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan, historical and heritage, such as the Khan Palace and the Lighthouse, along with its wonderful atmosphere most of the year, the picturesque nature and wonderful views such as Lake Zanbulan.

Azerbaijan also possesses all elements of entertainment from the tourist in terms of the wonderful beaches on the Caspian Sea, to markets full of local and international products, to multiple restaurants that satisfy everyone's tastes and some of them specialize in local foods for those who wish to know and taste them, and the genius of the place lies in providing all means of comfort and modernity While preserving the country's personality and ancient history.

  • The 3 most important landmarks in the city of Lankaran:

1- Khan Palace

Travel to Azerbaijan
Khan Palace

One of the important tourist attractions in the city, the Khan Palace located in the city of Lankaran is one of the important tourist attractions in Azerbaijan that attract many visitors. Muhammad Hassan Khan had built this palace to be the headquarters of his summer residence, and due to his unique architectural style, and its rare valuables and holdings. In 1998 Gulnara Mehmandarova, Chairman of the Committee of the International Council of Archeology of Azerbaijan, submitted a request to UNESCO to include the site in the World Heritage in 1998, and it will be a tourist attraction.

2- Lighthouse

The lighthouse was established more than 200 years ago, and it is considered close to the Lankaran railway station, and is a short distance from the sea, and there are communication antennas installed on its top, surrounded by walls and a large gate, and visitors love this area as it is characterized by the distinctive beauty of nature and they find Getting around the lighthouse is a lot of fun.

3- Lake Zanbulan

Lake Zanbulan is one of the important tourism landmarks in the city of Lankaran, which is an ideal place in which the family can spend an enjoyable time amid the picturesque nature, where the field is open for many activities and exploring the lake and getting to know many different animals, birds and plants in it, and swimming and fishing can also be practiced In complete safety, the visitor can visit the tea factories near the lake, taste the fine teas that the city is famous for, and see how it is made and wrapped.

Thus we had a tour of one of the countries located on the Caspian Sea, which possessed the legacy of history with the magic of nature, and the climate diversity provided her with wonderful opportunities for tourism, we were together in Azerbaijan, and we were charmed by its continuous history, its rich heritage, and its multiple cultures, with its unique tourism components and developed Among the list of wonderful tourism countries in the world.

Information about Azerbaijan

Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan flag
Where is Azerbaijan located? Between Eastern Europe and Western Asia
The capital of Azerbaijan Baku city
Currency of Azerbaijan AZM Azerbaijani Manat
The language of Azerbaijan Azerbaijani language
Azerbaijan local time (4 + GMT)
The international phone code of Azerbaijan 994+
Azerbaijan main airport Airport  Heydar Aliyev International (GYD)
Information about Azerbaijan visa

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