Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis, Amazing places in Egypt

Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis

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Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis: Due to its privileged location, Philae Island has been extremely important to the ancient Egyptian. Where the island of Philae and the island of Aswan formed natural geographical boundaries, and was known in the Egyptian texts as the dividing line, as for the word "Philae" it is derived from the Greek word "Villae" meaning the beloved, and has been known in Arabic literature as "Anas Al-Wujoud" because it is related to folklore stories.

  • Temple Of Isis

Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis

Efforts to rescue the ruins of Nubia have successfully transferred the island's ruins to the neighboring island of Agelica.
The "Temple of Isis" is the main temple on the island and occupies a quarter of its area, and was built by King Ptolemy II in place of another smaller temple that was also dedicated to Isis and was dedicated to the soldiers assigned to protect the borders of southern Egypt, and many Ptolemaic kings contributed to its construction.

Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis

The island also has a temple dedicated to the worship of Hathor, as well as the "Nachtenbo I" booth, as well as the "Taharqa" booth which was also constructed by Isis.


  • Philae Temple, Aglika Island

The Philae Temple is considered one of the most beautiful and important tourist attractions in Aswan, and it has great popularity and attraction worldwide. It was rescued from drowning by UNESCO during the construction of the High Dam in the sixties of the last century. The process of rescuing the temples, which is very complicated, took approximately 9 years, in which many countries of the world participated, and advanced technological methods were used.

Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis

The temple’s construction dates back to the third century B.C. to worship the god Isis, followed by the Greek, Roman, and Byzantine eras, where each era left its own character on the walls of the temple, where the visitor sees many huge columns, and murals with wonderful drawings. As for access to the temple, it will be through an amazing boat trip in the Nile River in which dozens of pictures of the enchanting landscape are taken.

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