The unfinished obelisk in Aswan.

The unfinished obelisk lies on the northern edge of the obelisk quarry which is the most important granite quarry in Aswan; it was discovered in 2005 in the quarries of Aswan where its stones were used to build the pyramid group of King Khufu and also cut many obelisks.

Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis

Philae Temple, Aglika Island and Temple of Isis: Due to its privileged location, Philae Island has been extremely important to the ancient Egyptian. Where the island of Philae and the island of Aswan formed natural geographical boundaries, and was known in the Egyptian texts as the dividing line, as for the word "Philae" it is derived from the Greek word "Villae" meaning the beloved, and has been known in Arabic literature as "Anas Al-Wujoud" because it is related to folklore stories.