Egypt: Tourism in Egypt and the best amazing places to visit in Egypt

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Egypt has mild weather, astonishing tourist diversity, and an ancient history that appears in the monuments scattered throughout Egypt, making tourism in Egypt a unique experience that makes the tourist enjoy historical monuments and also enjoy a unique entertainment experience.

Tourism in Egypt

Egypt is also attractive to beach tourism, medical tourism,and religious tourism, and is one of the cheapest tourist countries in the world. And on the level of tourism diversity, tourism in Egypt includes various forms, which makes Egypt's various tourist cities cater to the tastes of all tourists of all kinds.

So if you are determined to travel to Egypt, here is a short tourist tour to get to know the best tourist places in Egypt, which you must visit at least one of them.

  1. Tourism In Cairo - Egypt

In Cairo, you will find religious tourism attractions through mosques, churches, and museums of a religious nature, such as the Islamic and Coptic Museum, also recreational and entertainment tourism through parks, international shopping centers, traditional markets, arts and cinema centers, Nile cruises, historical tourism by visiting various museums. Here are the most important tourist places in Cairo:

  • Egyptian Museum

    The Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square
    If you like to see the Pharaonic artifacts on nature and not only through pictures and videos, here is the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir Square, which includes about 150 thousand artifacts that showcase the lives of the royal families and ancient Pharaonic Gods, in addition to artifacts that reflect the Greek and Roman civilizations divided into different halls into two floors, Match for heavy relics such as coffins, murals, and colossal statues, and the second for manuscripts, photos, and sculptures of small size.



  • Cairo Tower - Egypt

    The tallest building in Cairo since the year 1961 has a height of about 187 meters in the shape of the famous lotus flower, through the Cairo Tower with its fifteenth floors, you can enjoy a panoramic view of Cairo and its various tourist attractions, as if you are in the heart of Cairo in a location that allows you to take great photos, then have your lunch in the revolving restaurant located on the 14th floor, then have a delicious hot or cold drink in the cafeteria on the last floor.



  • Salah Al-Din Al-Ayouby Castle (Castle of the Mountain) - Egypt

Salah Al-Din Al-Ayouby Castle (Castle of the Mountain)
Take a great tour of Cairo and do not miss the visit of Salah El-Din Citadel, which was built during the Crusades in 1183AD. The castle is located on top of a high mountain (Mount Mokattam), and it is characterized by its special location, which provides tourists with a wonderful view of the various parts of Cairo.

Castle Mountain has always played an important role in the political life of Egypt in various stages of history, but now it is playing an equally important role; As it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt in general and Cairo in particular, and is among the most popular historical sites; It is included in all organized tours to visit the capital of Egypt.





  • The Egyptian Opera House and some varied artistic places

If you love artworks of all kinds, the opera house is your special destination during tourism in Egypt. If you love plastic art, you can visit the Arts Palace and the attached library. To enjoy the artistic paintings of the most famous plastic artists and read about plastic art in the library attached to the exhibition, but if you are a fan of theater art then here is the theater of Al-Hanager and the small theater where theatrical performances and cultural evenings are distinguished, and you can also enjoy the musical and lyrical performances and the distinctive dances on the stage of the Grand Theater, if it is Your trip to Cairo is summer, so you can enjoy the open theater shows.

  • Religious tourism in Egypt

It includes visiting the Coptic and Islamic civilizations in Cairo through visiting the Coptic Museum and the Hanging Church, and famous mosques such as the Hussein Mosque, the Muhammad Ali Mosque, the Sultan Hassan Mosque and Ibn Tulun, the Sayyidah Zainab Mosque, and the Religions Complex.

  • Gardens Of Egypt

Cairo includes a large group of gardens, which are a distinct front for recreational tourism, recreation and tranquility among the vast green areas and the flow of fountains, aquariums and wonderful industrial sculptures, such as Al-Azhar Park, the Aquarium in Zamalek, the International Park in Nasr City, do not miss a visit to at least one during your tourist trip in Egypt.

  • Khan Al-Khalily

Among the most famous and oldest markets in Egypt and the world, as it dates back to 6 centuries ago, in the field of selling souvenirs and handicrafts such as distinctive textile and leather goods, copper, silver and gold crafts through small attached shops that represent the shape of traditional antique markets.


  • Shopping malls (modern life)

Some people believe that Egypt has no aspects of modern life and that life is limited to desert and nomadic life, and this is a big mistake. One of the aspects of modern life is shopping centers, which is an opportunity to buy local and international goods to meet different needs, in addition to covering the entertainment side through the games and cinema halls, cafés and restaurants that offer eastern and western food and sweets, and some wonderful appearances, such as dancing fountains to the tones of picturesque lighting units.

Perhaps the most famous of which are City Stars in Nasr City, City Center in its two branches in Maadi and Nasr City, Mall of Arabia in 6th of October District, Cairo Festival City in New Cairo and others, and it is natural that your tourist trip in Egypt includes a tour of shopping centers and antique markets to buy gifts and souvenirs for family and friends.


2-Tourism in Giza, Egypt

Giza is characterized as one of the most famous tourism sites in Egypt and the most closely related to the Pharaonic era. Most of the tourist places in it are closely related to the landmarks of ancient Pharaonic civilization, along with the zoo, which is the largest zoo in Africa, a distinguished point of recreational tourism in the city among hundreds of animals that have been brought in from different parts of the world.

  • The Three Pyramids and the Sphinx

The pyramids are one of the most important tourist attractions in Egypt and you can enjoy seeing the creativity of ancient Egyptian engineers and builders in making these three architectural masterpieces from more than 40 centuries, while taking photos of you with them and visiting the available royal tombs if you like, then you can take a tour of the area with a horse Or camel and buy special souvenirs for family and friends from the shops surrounding the place and have a delicious meal in one of the nearby restaurants.

The pharaohs' ancestors built the statue of the Great Sphinx with a magnificent genius design; Believing that it would be a shield of protection for the treasures of their royal tombs from being stolen, it is now the subject of wonderful photographs during the day and stunning night audio performances showcasing the glories of the pharaohs "sound and light."




  • Saqqara Pyramid - Giza - Egypt

    It includes the tomb of the King of the Third Pharaonic Family, King Djoser, also known as the Step Pyramid because of its distinctive six steps that resemble terraces above one another. In the Pyramid of Djoser or Saqqara you can enjoy watching the blue tiles of the King's tomb, as well as the doors of the famous Pharaonic cats and hieroglyphs on the walls of the pyramid.

  •  Pharaonic Village - Giza - Egypt

    The Pharaonic Village is one of the best tourist places in Egypt, where you can see representative scenes accompanied by an audio explanation of the life of the ancient Egyptian and his work in agriculture and papyrus industry with a view of the trees that distinguished Egypt during the Pharaonic era, and you can visit museums that deal with the history of Egypt through the ages from the era of the Pharaohs until The era of kings and events of modern history. You can also buy heritage and archaeological souvenirs from the village's market, while visiting the children's play area for its enjoyable activities, if it is your family trip.

3-Tourism in Alexandria - Egypt

Alexandria is an Egyptian coastal city known for its mild climate and beaches that extend along the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt, up to 70 km from east to west.

Because of its coastal nature and its extended area that made it the second Egyptian capital not only made it a place for beach tourism, Alexandria is one of the most diverse places of tourism in Egypt, where there are shrines of a religious nature, and some of them are also of a historical cultural nature with a European touch. You cannot come for tourism in Egypt without visiting it. The most important tourist attractions in the city of Alexandria:

  • Library of Alexandria (New Library)

The Great Library of Alexandria, was the largest and most significant libraries of the ancient world. It was Established Probably during the reign of Ptolemy II Philadelphus (285–246 BC) destroyed in 48BC and re-established on modern era 2002. Of course, do not miss visiting the Library of Alexandria, this great oval edifice surrounded by a large granite wall is wonderful in beauty and is engraved on it in more than 120 languages, but from the inside it is divided into reading sections that include thousands of rare books in various fields of science, in addition to six dedicated halls There are art galleries, an audio library for the blind, and a conference center. There is also a library for children.


  •  Qaitbay Citadel

    The citadel that overlooks the eastern port of Alexandria has a wonderful view of the sea, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the sea and the region as a whole from the top of the walls of the castle, in addition to visiting the maritime museum, which is filled with hundreds of types of marine creatures and reviews the history of wars that passed through the city and the castle was like a blocking wall for it From the Roman Wars to the British battles that ended in their capture.


  • The National Museum

It is located near the middle of the city of Alexandria and displays its history from the earliest times to the most recent, in halls whose architectural designs depend on the spirit of the age that includes its timeless monuments.

  • Montazah Palace Gardens

If you are a fan of walking around the Mediterranean Sea, the wonderful parks of the park are what you are looking for.
Al-Montazah Gardens is one of the tourist attractions in Alexandria, where thousands of acres contain an enormous group of trees, palms and rare flower beds.

The park gardens not only provide you with a stroll in nature, but also have many beaches that all overlook the park gardens, such as the beach of Cleopatra and Venice, and do not forget to visit the Salamlek Palace located in the midst of gardens since the 19th century in the distinctive Austrian style, in addition to many other landmarks that can be visited .

  • Roman theater and opera house

Where you can visit the arena for the promotion of sports matches in the war during the Roman era, which contains 800 seats decorated with marble stones and stunning mosaic patterns.
Not far away is the Alexandria Opera House, famous for its Sayed Darwish theater, where you can attend cultural evenings, concerts, and ballet dances for the most famous national and international bands and festivals.
Alexandria's beaches extend along the Mediterranean coast from Al Mamoura in the east to Al-Ajmi in the west, most of which are free of charge except for renting table and accessories or the beaches of specific hotels.
You can also enjoy a walking tour along the Alexandria Corniche from Montazah Gardens in the east to Ras El-Teen in the west, and visit the ports and the most beautiful tourist destinations.

  • Religious tourism attractions

Religious tourism landmarks in Alexandria represent the three monotheistic religions whose followers have lived for centuries in the city of Alexandria, including the Morsi Abu Al Abbas Mosque, the Jewish Temple of the Prophet Daniel, the Monastery of St. Mina in the southwest, St. Mark's Cathedral, the oldest church in the African continent.

4-Tourism in Sharm El-Sheikh - Egypt

Sharm El-Sheikh is an Egyptian coastal city with a warm winter climate, stunning beautiful beaches and marine creatures of fish and coral reefs, which made it the best places for tourism in Egypt in recent decades.

Tourism in Sharm El Sheikh includes visiting multiple nature reserves, with water sports such as diving, swimming, surfing, and enjoying the Aqua Park, which is one of the best places of tourism in Egypt in general and Sharm El Sheikh in particular, and is suitable for family visits, children and young people because of its fun and varied water games that provide you In the spirit of adventure, there are also hotel services and day use rooms available for the convenience of visitors.The most important tourist attractions in Sharm El Sheikh:

  • Ne'ema bay

    Of the most famous tourist resorts in Sharm El Sheikh, the resort has a long walk overlooking the Red Sea with shops and restaurants to suit everyone, with what it provides of one-day safari trips where riding quad bikes and enjoying the beauty of deserts and the experience of Bedouin life on its origins through tents And Bedouin food.

  • The old market

One of the city's well-known souvenirs and traditional handicrafts, so if you want to buy gifts for your family before traveling at reasonable prices, do not miss out.

  • Alf Lila Wa Lila (One Thousand Nights and Night)

A closed park that offers sound and light shows that narrate the history and civilization of Pharaonic Egypt through which you will feel as if you are attending a show such as that provided by the pyramids of Giza, in addition to restaurants and places that offer local traditional dance shows such as the famous Bedouin dance. Then you can take your family to shop through more than 450 stores selling products of the most famous brands in the famous Mercato Mall, which is located near the park.

  • Cruises

Which you can start aboard a yacht wandering in the surrounding area before heading to the Ras Muhammed Sanctuary and enjoying close-up view of the marine creatures and coral reefs of twenty million years of age, with the possibility of diving, surfing or fishing trips, visiting the sunken ship and viewing its contents on About 3 hours after sailing from Sharm El Sheikh.

 5-Tourism in Hurghada - Egypt

Tourism in Hurghada is one of the most important areas of tourism in Egypt, and the reasons for its strong attraction to tourists are due to the splendor of its beaches and the purity and serenity of its waters full of colorful coral reefs.

All of the above has made Hurghada a great destination for nature lovers and adventure lovers in general. The most important tourist attractions in the city of Hurghada:

  • El Gouna

Among the best tourism resorts in Egypt and Hurghada that provide an enjoyable opportunity to practice various water sports, El Gouna, which is about 20 km from the city, includes 6 main neighborhoods: a marina where you can enjoy a trip on the yacht, a golf neighborhood where you can visit international golf courses, the district Central, the Italian and new neighborhoods, the plateau district, the downtown district for shopping and entertainment.

  • Sahl Hasheesh

One of the most beautiful tourist areas in Egypt, and its beauty appears in the purity of its waters. You can wander on the seaside promenade or on a yacht with diving and watching the sunken Pharaonic monuments, and you can also enjoy golf through the playgrounds provided by the place.

  • Giftun island is one of the best tourist areas in Egypt

One of the best areas of tourism in Egypt in terms of tranquility and recreation provided by cruises on the boat or yacht, where diving in more than 13 sites famous for the island, while enjoying the beauty of marine creatures.

  • Al-Sakala

The lively and main area of ​​Hurghada, where dozens of shops sell everything you need and provide you with the services you need during your stay in the city, a good opportunity for lovers to walk with exploration.

The plateau or al-hadaba
One of the famous neighborhoods of Hurghada, which starts from the Al-Sakala area, when you go up to it, you will enjoy a wonderful view of the sea.

  • Al-Dahar

If you love getting to know the indigenous people wherever you visit, the popular Dahar region is your ideal destination in Hurghada, where the cafes that the people of the country visit are far away from the glamorous aspects of the tourist areas.

6-Tourism in Luxor - Egypt

One of the most important tourism cities in Egypt because of the tremendous number of monuments and thousands of artifacts, and tourism in Luxor is enjoying it as a pure historical Pharaonic cultural tourism, as it is a city that witnessed the oldest civilizations in the world.The most important tourist attractions in Luxor:

  •  Temple of Karnak is one of the greatest tourist attractions in Egypt

One of the greatest landmarks of tourism in Egypt and Luxor in particular, it is a majestic Pharaonic worship house that starts where the Rams road and includes a group of temples, including: the Temple of God Amun and his wife Mut and his son, the Temple of Ramses III, along with hundreds of huge pillars, royal palaces and obelisks. You can also attend the sound and light show during the day or at night, which deals with the history of the establishment of the temple, including its treasures, in several languages.


  • Temple of Luxor

It includes tens of columns with huge construction and hieroglyphic inscriptions that surround it from each side, along with two huge statues of King Ramses II at its entrance, and the shrine of Alexander the Great, it is a temple that combines the civilization of the deep East mixed with some of the spirit of the West.

  • Valley of the Kings and Queens

It includes dozens of royal tombs carved in the rock, which represents the era of the modern Pharaonic state, and on top of these tombs is the tomb of Ramses III and VI, the tomb of Tutankhamun and the tomb of Queen Nefertari.



  • Deir el-Bahari Temple

A funerary temple, one of the greatest temples of Luxor and the sights of tourism in Egypt, founded by Queen Hatshepsut on 3 mounting terraces to perform her funeral to the other world.

  • 7-Tourism in Aswan - Egypt

If you love calm, then make sure that tourism in Aswan is one of the best tourist destinations for you, and it is also one of the most important destinations for lovers of temples and historical monuments.


Aswan and Luxor are two separate destinations, and we advise you to visit them together.The most important tourist attractions in Aswan:

  • Medical tourism areas

Aswan is one of the most important therapeutic tourism centers in Egypt, where recovery from incurable diseases such as bone pain, joints and skin diseases, and the most famous treatment areas is the Isis Island Resort, Al Dumaira area, Wadi Al Alaki, Abu Simbel, where the affected areas are buried or massaged with yellow sand with Exposure to sunlight or brown mud sand for treatment.


  • Philae island

An island overlooking the Nile bank facing Aswan, it is famous for the presence of Pharaonic temples that were built in this region.


  • Nubia Museum

It is located in the area of ​​Nubia, and includes many unique artifacts from eras representing the Pharaonic history, modern, and contemporary.

  • Abu Simbel Temple

One of the most important tourist places in Egypt and during your tour in Aswan, do not miss to visit Abu Simbel Temple, the great complex of temples. In the interior of the temple, structures have been created that will impress you.

The temples are located a few hours drive south of Aswan, but most tourists arrive at Abu Simbel by plane, the journey from Aswan takes only 30 minutes, and there are two trips a day arranged so that the tourists have about two hours to spend in the temples. It is also possible to visit Abu Simbel by joining the Lake Nasser trip, so these ships dock in front of the temples.


  • Nile cruises

One of the most beautiful activities you can do during tourism in Egypt is to enjoy a Nile cruise on the small traditional boats that Aswan is famous for,
Where there are stunning landscapes between greenery, water and warm sun in winter on the banks of the great river and Lake Nasser.


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