For this reason ... Volkswagen and Porsche paid $ 9.5 billion to car owners in America


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The US Federal Trade Commission said yesterday, Monday, that the German car companies Volkswagen and Porsche have paid more than $ 9.5 billion since 2016 to owners of cars affected by the manipulation scandal in the results of exhaustion tests in cars powered by diesel engines, known media as the "diesel" scandal. Jeet. "

According to the Federal Trade Commission report, Volkswagen and Porsche agreed to pay up to $ 10 billion to replace or repair more than 550,000 cars damaged by the scandal.

The Volkswagen has admitted in 2015 to supply millions of cars powered by diesel engines that a complex computer program to reduce the amount of emissions emitted during the tests compared to the real quantities that are emitted during the course of normal operating conditions.

Bloomberg News indicated that the US Department of Justice and the Environmental Protection Administration obtained court orders to obtain billions of dollars to improve the environment.

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