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Got "browser Google Chrome " support for a feature that allows operations to speed up loading pages, where the download is now supporting the slow tires "iframes".

Last year, Google added slow image upload support to version 76 of Chrome, and it now provides the same functionality to iframes.

Usually, all available content is downloaded and displayed when you go to a web page, such as images, icons, animation files, styles, scripts, etc. Therefore, downloading all these things causes a delay with the website launching, especially for users with slow internet connections.

The slow loading feature of "iframe" windows reduces memory usage, accelerates other parts of the page, and saves data. After the feature is supported, Chrome delays loading iframes until the user passes them close.

Also, the slow download feature loads the contents of the web page upon request, which means that it will not be downloaded until you need it, thus speeding up the page loading.

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