The best 5 montage and video editing software for Android 2020 for free without watermark

The best 5 montage and video editing

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The best 5 applications for editing videos and adding repetitions on the Android platform for tablets and smartphones We will show you the best programs for creating video montages for Android for beginners for free.


1. PowerDirector - Video Editing, Best Video Maker:

The PowerDirector application provides the same user interface as video editing programs on the computer, a search that also includes the timetable, the video feature, and the video feature available at the left top and the preview feature on the right. This application is one of the most advanced options and you can pull the scenes as needed and add audio clips and insert text And choose many available effects as well as applying the filters to your videos, knowing that you can output the videos in HD or Full HD 1080p after purchasing, and you can also publish the videos on YouTube or Facebook when the video editing process is completed.

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2.  KineMaster - Video Editing  :

KineMaster app If you are looking for an easy-to-use and more advanced application you should try Ken Master This program comes with a traditional user interface but also comes with adjustments for touch screen comprehension for less experienced users. This does not mean that you will not get all the important features. The Ken Master application offers the same features as similar applications, as it provides the schedule and the ability to preview changes and add revolutions and flappers as well as inserting texts in the video and canceling the background noise and adding audio clips in the background. And many other features after the latest update that you will discover by yourself when downloading the application, the free version leaves a watermark in the videos to remove this watermark and open advanced features you must purchase the professional version.

3. AndroVid - Video Editor, Video Maker, Photo Editor, Video Editing: 

AndroVid app takes a reverse approach to other applications specialized in editing and editing videos, this application includes a unique user interface with a simple appearance that does not mean that you will not be able to obtain many functions that allow you to modify your videos, you can still cut videos and add audio clips and effects, In fact, this application is ideal for videos that do not require a lot of modifications, also suitable for people who want to make one or two avatars and add some music to the background, the interface is simple and easy to use for editing videos.

4. Video Editor app  :

Video Editor app
The WeVideo application is one of the few applications that edit videos in a cloud and this allows to modify the videos in the most advanced computers of the developed company and display them to users on their mobile devices The downside of this approach is that you have to wait until the videos are uploaded before you start the editing process You have to be careful to transfer your videos to the servers of the company developing the application, and then you have to re-download everything when the video is finished editing. If you think you can handle all of that, you can now deal with the modern interface of this easy-to-use and friendly touch screen application.

5. Apply  VidTrim - Video Editor  

Apply  VidTrim - Video Editor
Vidtrim app gives you access to many features of video editing, such as cropping videos, merging them with each other, and adding dysfunctional effects. As well as a set of other features, in addition to this, this application allows you to share the latest videos that you have modified on many platforms on the Internet through the application itself.


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