How To: Recover deleted photos from phone and SD card for Android


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We often delete the images from our phones by mistake, then we search for ways to restore these images because it means a lot to us or perhaps an important one, for this we will talk about the DiskDigger application that provides this service for free. You can retrieve all deleted images by 99 % if they were recently deleted from the phone or from the memory card.

You can recover deleted photos from Android for free without backup, without root and without computer just by following the simple steps mentioned below. Android Photo Recovery is safe and will not cause any harm to Android phone. Whether you accidentally delete an image, or even reformat your memory card, this data recovery method can find your lost photos and allow you to easily recover them from an Android phone.

How is the process of recovering deleted files?

The deleted file is not really deleted. For example, when you delete a file on a hard disk or micro SD card, the location of that file is deleted. The file remains untouched. It is the computer that cannot find the file anymore. When a new file is created on the same hard drive or SSD, it takes up deleted file space by overwriting it. The deleted file is now completely deleted.
So remember, you can only recover a deleted image or file if that file's location on your hard drive or SD card is not taken with a new file. The recovery process works best for recently deleted files since the computer does not have enough time to locate the file to another file on your device.

How to recover deleted photos from Android phone?

Download an app called DiskDigger from the Google Play Store to undelete lost photos and photos and recover them from your memory card. This recovery will also work on the internal storage of the Android phone.


After downloading it to your phone, just press the button to start basic image scanning, and let the application do its work until it finishes retrieving all the pictures and when the updated images appear only select them and press the restore button, and so all your limited photos have been retrieved easily, but in cases you want From the application to work deeper and better, you may need to root the device, which is optional.
Download the DiskDigger photo recovery app


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