Huawei Mate Xs mobile complete review and price

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The Mate Xs phone from Huawei came this year as one of the best distinctive versions of the foldable design in smart phones, as the Chinese giant in this version made improvements over the first version of the company, and in the coming lines we review the advantages and disadvantages of Mate Xs.

The Mate Xs comes with a new vision in the design of smartphones, where it can support the user in switching seamlessly to tablet mode, and the configurations of the phone are centered in the side frame, with a design that mimics the folded book when the phone is closed.

Screen design and specifications in the Mate Xs

The Mate Xs features a 6.6-inch OLED screen when folded, which supports 2480 by 1148 pixels, and the screen also supports a good brightness ratio for viewing in sunlight or outdoors.

The phone features a frame with a thickness in the vicinity of the screen from the latest versions of smartphones, as any holes in the phone screen of the front camera disappear, and the phone screen turns when the frame opens to a size of 8 inches, with a resolution of 2480 by 2200 pixels.

Huawei offers a Mate Xs phone with a button that supports opening the screen with a different design from the previous version, which came with a small button, where the Mate Xs phone comes with a large button that preserves the stability of the phone's position when closed, as it harmonizes better in this version with the design of the phone frame, also when clicking On this button the screen opens at a 60 degree angle and then the screen can be raised to put the tablet when pressing fairly strongly.

The screen design in the Mate Xs phone also supports the user with a good experience, as the screen design has been improved for the first version, also the site of screen bending does not appear clearly as in the first version, which is one of the improved features clearly in this version.

Also, with the practical experience of screen design for the Mate Xs, this design can support the user clearly in the gaming experience, as the distinctive plastic design of the screen will not prevent the user from getting a distinct experience in games and pressing the screen without a problem appearing in the screen.


The design of the Mate Xs

The Mate Xs features a heavyweight design 295 g, with a thickness of 11 mm when the device is closed, while it reaches a thickness of 5.4 mm when the device is fully opened.

The Mate Xs also includes full configurations on the left side of the phone frame, so the phone simulates the design of the folded book when the screen is closed, as the left side of the phone frame comes with a larger thickness, which is a distinctive design of the phone that supports carrying and holding the phone efficiently.

The right side of the phone frame includes the operation buttons and controlling the audio level, also supports the play button used as a built-in fingerprint sensor, and the operation button can be accessed smoothly thanks to the prominent design.

The frame of the Mate Xs includes a USB C port to the bottom right, while the 3.5 mm headphone jack disappears, so Huawei offers USB C headphones in the box content.

On the other hand, the upper frame of the phone includes a dual SIM card slot, or a chip with an external storage card. The phone also has a quality manufacturing of plastic and aluminum, but it is an excellent and elegant design at the end.

Software and technology on the Mate Xs    

Huawei offers the Mate Xs phone without Google services, but Huawei supports this version with the company's own services and the App Gallery store that replaces the Google Play store, and the Huawei store provides third-party applications such as TikTok application and Microsoft Office applications.

On the other hand, the main Google applications such as the Gmail application, YouTube, and Chrome browser disappear, while the phone has WhatsApp and Instagram applications, which work efficiently by downloading APK files, and the Android 10 system will support the user well.

Huawei supports the Mate Xs phone with pre-installed applications, including the Huawei Mail and Notes applications, where these applications come with an experience that is compatible with the design of the phone screen, where the applications are divided into two parts on the phone screen.

 The browser also comes on the Mate Xs screen with an experience that simulates the interface of computers, where the tabs are displayed at the top of the screen, on the other hand, the big screen supports a distinctive gaming experience, while some 16: 9 videos do not match the dimensions of the screen.

Huawei supports the Mate Xs phone with a distinct set of technologies including WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.0, and also NFC technology, with dual GPS, and also IR.

The Mate Xs phone also includes Always On display technology that disappeared in the first version of Huawei's foldable phones, and returned to support the new Mate Xs version. , Where the user can control the selection of the display system in each application.

Huawei also provides the Mate Xs phone with a side menu that supports the user by choosing as a window for each application according to the applications that support this feature, or it may support the user in separating the screen into two sections to display two applications at the same time such as running the WhatsApp application and Google Maps for example.

The software can also support smooth copying from the first part of the screen and pasting to the second part, so the second generation of Huawei's foldable phones comes with notable software improvements.

Processor and performance of the Mate Xs

Huawei introduced the Mate Xs phone with a Kirin 990 processor that is based on the 7-nanometer manufacturing accuracy, with 8 GB RAM, and 512 GB storage capacity. The phone also supports 5G networks communication via the modem chip embedded in the chip.

The Kirin 990 chip offers great performance in the Mate Xs with various daily tasks, and also in heavy tasks, with the performance of a rapid response without delay.

Mate Xs phone cameras

The flagship camera for the Mate Xs comes with a LEICA signature with a multi-camera system, as the camera settings include a 40-megapixel main sensor with f / 1.8 lens slot, with a RYYB sensor that supports imaging in the best performance in low light, and the camera settings include an 8-megapixel sensor and aperture F / 2.4 telephoto lens supports 52mm focal length with optical stabilizer and supports optical zoom up to 3 times, and digital zoom up to 30 times.

While the third sensor comes with 16 mega pixel camera, f / 2.2 lens, and 17mm focal length, with a 3D TOF sensor that will support the user in 3D measurements, with better portrait performance.

The main camera supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second, and the camera also supports macro photography, with optical stabilizer and digital stabilizer in videos, and in practical experience the camera has already provided excellent performance in recording video in 4K, and wide viewing angles, with camera stability and excellent performance Also in the zoom.

The main Mate Xs camera can also support the user in working as a mirror or selfie camera through a dedicated code to convert the camera for selfie shooting.

Battery and charging in the Mate Xs

Huawei introduces the Mate Xs phone with a capacity of 4500 mAh battery, where this ability can support the user with a good performance throughout the day, also the technology of fast charging from a 55W charger can support the user with a 85% lifetime after charging the battery for 30 minutes.

In normal to medium use of the battery, with the brightness level set at 60%, the phone continued to operate for 7 to 7 and a half hours, so the battery provided excellent performance in the phone.

The Price:

Price of the mobile phone will be approximately 10,000 Saudi riyals or 2499 euros.


Huawei supports the second generation of its foldable phones, Mate Xs, with improvements, design and excellent manufacturing quality, as this design supports holding and carrying the phone with a good and steady experience, as the Chinese giant added the Mate Xs phone with clear improvements in screen design with the disappearance of the screen bending site, on the other hand supports the phone Audio experience with excellent bass compared to the first generation Huawei foldable phones.

On the other hand, the Kirin 990 processor offers great performance in the Mate Xs phone, and also excellent performance with distinctive results in the phone's camera in steady photography and video recording with a great performance in zooming.

Also, some may miss Google services and applications in the Mate Xs phone, but Huawei offers alternatives and a store that includes many third-party applications.


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