New applications: AnyDrop to share files across platforms


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AnyDrop is a new application on Android that aims to share files between different operating platforms, that allows you to share files quickly with users on the same network, and by the way the application is inspired by the other application and goes without definition AirDrop, which in turn provides file sharing service for iOS and Mac operating systems.

With regard to usability, the application is easy to handle, provided that you are allowed to transfer a file by dragging it onto the box inside the application interface, or by touching the area in the center of the main screen and choosing a file from the browser, and as we indicated, for the transfer to take place, it must be both The two devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

Finally, AnyDrop app for Android is available for free without any internal purchases, however, it is still under monitoring, as it is available as a trial version, therefore you may encounter some errors if you use the app now.

Download AnyDrop app.

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