What is the difference between Li-ion batteries and Li-Polymer batteries?

What is the difference between Li-ion batteries and Li-Polymer batteries?

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Smartphone developers are currently working on developing phone batteries, in an attempt to give users more time to use, but many users do not know that there are different types of batteries that users can rely on in their smartphones, which we offer the most prominent as follows: Li-ion batteries and Li-Polymer batteries

- Li-ion batteries

It is a type of batteries that can be recharged and the cathode “positive electrode” consists of lithium, in which the “negative electrode” elevator usually consists of porous carbon. These lithium-ion batteries include several types of batteries that depend on the type of chemical reaction, the method of its performance and its price The extent of its integrity, and during the work of the battery, Li + ions move inside the battery from the elevator to the cathode during non-aqueous electricity isolation and a separating membrane, while during charging the external source passes an electric current in the opposite direction, where the positive pole of the source is connected to the battery cathode and the battery elevator is connected to the pole The negative terminal of the source. 

Lithium Polymer Batteries

This battery consists of a negative electrode of graphite and a positive electrode consisting of mineral oxide of lithium, as it contains a lithium compound and depends on its formation on the polymer material, and it is in the form of chips, and perhaps the advantage of these batteries is that all of their parts can be manufactured at a reduced price in the form of chips, The thickness of each of them is not more than 100 micrometers, and it can take many forms.

The difference between the two batteries:

At the moment we find that the lithium polymer batteries come with less design in terms of thickness, while the lithium ion batteries come with a higher energy density so you will find that the capacities are huge.

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