The Secret of Naming Why is Bluetooth named by this name?


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We all use bluetooth technology, but we do not know why it was called by this name, it may be interpreted as a word of two syllables blue and teeth, but this is not true, it belongs to the name of a person from an ancient time, but what is the story specifically that brought its founders to choose the name and what does it mean? This is what we are monitoring, according to "medium".

Bluetooth is a wireless technical standard, and it is not a company as many believe, but a global trade organization called the Bluetooth Special Interest Group with more than 24,000 member companies.
Bluetooth SIG oversees the development of Bluetooth technology standards, in addition to dealing with licensing and trademarks, and began in 1998 with five member companies, and in the same year adopted the name of Bluetooth.
The name was also coined by Jim Cardash, Intel's mobile computing engineer, whose mission was to mediate and bring together these first five companies in 1998, which consisted of Ericsson, Nokia, Toshiba, Intel and IBM. 
The technological name came after reading a novel about the Vikings and King Harald Platand, who said from an article he wrote on the topic to EE Times, this king is famous for uniting Scandinavia just as we intend to unify computer and cellular industries using a short-range wireless link.
The English translation of King Blatand's name was "Bluetooth", and the initials of King Harald Platand were also used in the runic alphabet, the Old Norse language, or the North Germanic language that was spoken during the Vikings era in Scandinavia, as the iconic bluetooth symbol.
Perhaps the inspiration behind this growing technology that we cannot all live without, is present in 90% of all cell phones plus countless other products.
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