Motion Cam is a new app designed to capture and edit RAW photos

Motion Cam

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There are many applications that support taking raw images known as "RAW" images. However, there are limited applications that support editing these images from within the phone, not the computer, but with Motion Cam, both of these are available, provided that the application is available exclusively to Android users.

For its part, Motion Cam captures RAW images from your phone's camera and stores them in the background, providing the user with complete control over how the image appears and allowing selection of images from the past, in addition, it uses an advanced algorithm to merge multiple images, and supports full customization of subsequent processing including White balance, sharpness setting and more.

In addition, the app comes with full manual “controls” controls either for the camera shutter or for the ISO, and as expected, it is necessary to support your Camera2 API in order for the app to work with you.
Finally, the app is now available as an early, but highly stable, version of Access, currently available for free and completely, without any internal purchases or ads.
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