Aerial App offers a wide range of animated backgrounds

Aerial - Live Wallpapers is an app that provides a set of animated backgrounds through which you can customize your Android phone or tablet, so the app includes dozens of categories of live wallpapers in HD and 4K quality.

What is the difference between Li-ion batteries and Li-Polymer batteries?

Smartphone developers are currently working on developing phone batteries, in an attempt to give users more time to use, but many users do not know that there are different types of batteries that users can rely on in their smartphones, which we offer the most prominent as follows: Li-ion batteries and Li-Polymer batteries


AnyDrop is a new application on Android that aims to share files between different operating platforms, that allows you to share files quickly with users on the same network, and by the way the application is inspired by the other application and goes without definition AirDrop, which in turn provides file sharing service for iOS and Mac operating systems.

5 apps and 13 games

A new set of paid Android apps and games  are currently available for free and for a limited time, so this group will be a big deal for the users of the aforementioned system, and now let's start directly by mentioning these games and applications (5 applications and 13 Android games).


We all use bluetooth technology, but we do not know why it was called by this name, it may be interpreted as a word of two syllables blue and teeth, but this is not true, it belongs to the name of a person from an ancient time, but what is the story specifically that brought its founders to choose the name and what does it mean? This is what we are monitoring, according to "medium".

Motion Cam

There are many applications that support taking raw images known as "RAW" images. However, there are limited applications that support editing these images from within the phone, not the computer, but with Motion Cam, both of these are available, provided that the application is available exclusively to Android users.

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