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There are many technical concepts that we usually consider real but they have proven to be incorrect or exaggerated, including, but not limited to, the Mac computer will not be infected by any malware at all, or closing applications only will lead to extended battery life, or browsing websites In incognito mode, it may completely hide your identity.

Here are 4 common technical concepts that you should not believe:


1- Any anti-virus application that will protect your computer from all types of malware:

Antivirus software helps protect against viruses and malware, however, an antivirus application cannot make your computer completely protected from infection with malware, as you cannot just install a good antivirus application and start downloading unknown files, believing that the program will protect your entire computer .
There are two main threats that an anti-virus application alone cannot protect your computer from, the first: a new virus that appears over the Internet, and the second: a malicious program that enables complete control of your computer.

2- Let your phone's battery drop to zero before recharging it:

For years, nickel-cadmium batteries have suffered from a problem known as a memory effect, that is, if these batteries are not fully discharged every time they are used, they will quickly lose their capacity, which will affect their shelf life.
But now this is no longer the case with the lithium-ion batteries, which do not need to be discharged to zero before recharging, as the lithium-ion batteries strain their capacity with repeated charging cycles, so when your phone’s battery now begins to drain its energy quickly You must get rid of it, and get a new battery.

3- You cannot be tracked if GPS is off:

There is a concept that says: If the GPS feature is turned off on the phone, it cannot be tracked, but this is an incorrect concept. Because even if you turn off the GPS feature on your phone, tracking is still possible, due to the phone’s permanent connection to network towers, and with this data, your geographic location can be known easily.
Where researchers at Princeton University a few years ago developed an application called (PinMe) that demonstrated that the location of the phone can only be determined using phone sensors, by the application collecting details, such as: compass data from the phone gyroscope, the travel direction from the accelerometer, and from Then locating the phone on the map became very easy, and to avoid this you have to completely turn off the phone.

4- Full network signals mean the best connection:

If you see the internet signals in your phone complete, this does not mean that you will get the best network connection or an ideal speed in transferring data, in many cases we see the full network signals in our phones, but we still suffer from slow internet and interruptions in voice calls.
The signals in your phone show the power of the signals that you receive from your closest communication tower, but at the same time they do not represent the network strength or the speed of data transmission, so if there are a lot of people connected to the communication tower itself, it is possible that you will face problems in the network despite the completion Signal communication lines in your phone.

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