Twitter employees reveal new details in the hacking issue


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Knowing about the company's security practices, former Twitter employees revealed that more than a thousand people had powers that enabled them to carry out the same hacking process.

While Twitter is still investigating the secrets of piracy of dozens of accounts, new information indicated that more than a thousand employees of the site had powers to change and control user settings.

Official accounts belonging to a number of prominent personalities in the United States were subjected to a huge piracy operation, on the afternoon of last Wednesday (15 July), during which pirates managed to publish advertisements calling on the followers of those accounts to send amounts in digital "bitcoin" with a promise to double it.

And he gave some of these fake tweets, which the owners of the targeted accounts of the piracy operation had deleted, each follower at the time of 30 minutes, to send to a specific address an amount of bitcoin currency in order to receive twice that amount.

Former Twitter employees familiar with the company’s security practices revealed that more than a thousand people had powers to perform the same hacking, and some of them were service providers.

For its part, the famous platform for tweets refused to comment on this number, indicating that it is looking for an official who will be responsible for overseeing the security of its systems better, and training employees to combat fraud and infiltration.

This, and "Twitter" and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation "FBI" in a hacked operation that allowed pirates to tweet from documented accounts of influential and famous figures in the world.

"Twitter", Wednesday, said that the hackers who penetrated its systems last week, had probably seen direct messages in 36 accounts, without specifying the identities of the owners of these accounts, explaining in a post on the platform's support account on Twitter that it had not found any evidence or Chi data provides access to messages of other elected officials.

It also indicated that the "hackers" were able to obtain emails and phone numbers for some of the compromised accounts.

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