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Many people are looking for reliable sites or App to make money from the Internet
In this post, we are going to review two reliable websites that you can make money from by doing simple tasks

Knowing about the company's security practices, former Twitter employees revealed that more than a thousand people had powers that enabled them to carry out the same hacking process.

To coincide with the announcement of the features of the expected watch, OPPO will launch its new Reno 4 Pro phone on July 31 in India.

Aerial App offers a wide range of animated backgrounds


Aerial - Live Wallpapers is an app that provides a set of animated backgrounds through which you can customize your Android phone or tablet, so the app includes dozens of categories of live wallpapers in HD and 4K quality.

What is the difference between Li-ion batteries and Li-Polymer batteries?


Smartphone developers are currently working on developing phone batteries, in an attempt to give users more time to use, but many users do not know that there are different types of batteries that users can rely on in their smartphones, which we offer the most prominent as follows: Li-ion batteries and Li-Polymer batteries



AnyDrop is a new application on Android that aims to share files between different operating platforms, that allows you to share files quickly with users on the same network, and by the way the application is inspired by the other application and goes without definition AirDrop, which in turn provides file sharing service for iOS and Mac operating systems.

PlayStation 5


Today, Sony finally announced the official availability of its latest home gaming console, the PlayStation 5. As we expected, it sold out almost instantly at most retailers—a huge bummer for anyone hoping to lock one in for the holidays.

Start menu design Windows 10

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Microsoft revealed that it is seeking to introduce the new design of the start menu in Windows 10 to all users, that this update arrives in the fall of this year.

Got "browser Google Chrome " support for a feature that allows operations to speed up loading pages, where the download is now supporting the slow tires "iframes".


Computer Software

Video Editing: Icecream Video Editor is a free and easy-to-use free video montage program that enables you to edit videos and create new videos from both videos and photos in a few minutes. Crop videos, add transitions and background sound, add titles, and apply visual effects. You can also rotate, accelerate, blur, and more.