After examining 346 players ... there are no people infected with the Corona virus in the NBA

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The Association of Players and the NBA confirmed that all the results of the recent Coronovirus (Covid-19) tests that were conducted last week on the 346 players participating in the resumption of the extraordinary season at the World Disney Compound in Orlando «Florida», were negative.

Certainly, this news is a relief for the League a few days before the resumption of the season on July 30, especially after it announced in the previous wave of tests conducted on 322 players after their arrival in Orlando between the seventh and ninth of this month, about two positive cases with the Coronavirus « Covid-19 » They have not been identified.

The matches will be played without an audience, and according to health procedures that include everyone being subjected to periodic tests to detect the Coronavirus «Covid-19» so that all the teams in the complex that has come to be termed “bubble” are evaluated.

In remarks earlier this month, League League commissioner Adam Silver predicted that a number of players coming to Florida would be infected with the virus, but he considered that adding additional injuries after team members were quarantined in the complex would cause a bigger problem to the league.

He explained, «Certainly if there are any new cases is important at all within the complex, we will have to shut down again».

He added, "It will be a cause for concern if they enter the" players "during the quarantine period, after which they undergo positive tests," noting that then "we will realize that there is a gap in our bubble. "

Silver expressed his hope that the measures that will be taken on the sidelines of the resumed matches are safe enough to end the season, especially in terms of periodic checks that will take place, and the adoption of the tracker to monitor any contact between a person who has undergone a positive result, and others.

"We can analyze the virus and try to track to see if there is more than one case," he said, stressing at the same time the need not to show "any level of confidence, above that we follow the" health "protocols and we hope the matter will work as we planned for it. "

Many of the players announced their infection with the "Covid-19" virus, but before they travel to Orlando, the most prominent of them Russell Westbrook Houston Rockets star, Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets player, who is absent from his team because of his lack of recovery, Marcus Smart of Boston Celtics, Donovan Mitchell of Utah Jazz and Serbian Luca Yukic, who was injured while he was in his country before joining his colleagues in Denver Nuggets after his recovery, The last of them is the game maker Milwaukee Bucks Eric Bladeso.

22 of the 30 teams participating in the league will resume the competition, competing for the 16 places that qualify for the playoff exclusion rounds, which begin on August 17.

And it will play each dedicated to the final classification of eight games team, to move after that 16 teams occupies the first eight centers in both eastern and western regions, to fight competition «playoffs».

The league will hold playoffs if needed to determine the positions.

The United States is the country most affected by "Covid-19" in the world, and the number of injuries reached nearly four million, while the number of deaths exceeded the threshold of 140 thousand people.