The 2020 US Open Tennis Championships is being held on time ... despite the cancellation of the Washington championship

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The Organizing Committee of the US Open tennis Championships revealed its intention to make this year’s edition of the tournament, despite the recent cancellation of the Washington tournament.

The 500-point championship of the American capital was expected to be held, but the organizers announced it on Tuesday to cancel it due to problems such as insecurity from international flights and the increasing health concerns in the United States.

The ATP announced on Tuesday the cancellation of the Washington tournament, during which the season was due to resume on August 13, due to “continuing uncertainty about the Covid-19 pandemic.”

A statement issued by the association said that the decision to cancel the "City Open" session for 500 points in Washington was taken because of "the continued uncertainty about Covid-19 and because of doubts that affect the ability to meet the deadlines for the session."

The statement added that the association is still working closely with the American Tennis Federation to hold the 1000-point Cincinnati Masters course, scheduled for August 20 in New York, to be followed by the Flushing Meadows Championship, the last of the Grand Slams (from August 31 to September 13) without public.

The Coruna virus caused the suspension of the professional tennis season as of last March.

It is unfortunate that given the unprecedented times, this year's City Open tournament will not take place, at the moment, there are great factors outside our control, unfortunately, ”said Italian President Andrea Gaudenzi, president of the G association.

For his part, Mark Wayne, director of the course, considered that "with only 23 days remaining until the start of the course, there are many external problems that remain unresolved, including restrictions on international travel in addition to the concerns surrounding health and safety."

In the light of this announcement, US Open confirmed its support for Washington, which was supposed to start on August 13th, indicating that it will provide a "safe and controlled" climate that reduces the risks to the players and all participants in the tournament.

Open America will start at the end of August, and it will be preceded by the same stadiums on the 22nd of the same month, the Cincinnati 1000-point Championship.