Pan Pacific tennis tournament in Tokyo canceled due to Corona Virus

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Organizers announced today, Tuesday, the cancellation of the Pan Pacific Women's Tennis Championships in Tokyo for 2020, due to safety reasons amid the emerging Corona Virus pandemic, Covid-19.

Pan Pacific organizers said in a statement, "In coordination with the Professional Women’s Union, the tournament has examined various procedures for organizing the tournament, such as setting up matches without fans.
"But we made the difficult decision to cancel the tournament and we thought it was the best for public health, especially amid fears of a second wave of infection spreading in Japan."
Japan has avoided infection on a large scale after the death of tens of thousands of people, but the escalating number of cases in Tokyo and other regions last week called on experts to fear of facing a second wave.
The Pan Pacific Championship is part of the Asian Professional Women Association Tour, which has been held annually since its inception in 1984, and a copy was supposed to be created this year in September, but was postponed to November.
After the cancellation, the South Korea Open in Seoul became the only remaining one in Asia with the provisional WTA Tour 2020 schedule.
It is expected that the women's tennis season will resume after five months of stopping at the start of the Palermo Championship on Monday.
The tournament organizers in Tokyo said that the establishment of the 2021 edition has not been decided yet.
They added, "This is a disappointing result not only for tennis players from all countries but for the fans in Japan and around the world."
Former world number one Naomi Osaka delighted Japanese fans by winning a copy last year in her hometown of Osaka.