Tyson at the age of 54 returns to boxing in September

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Tyson said that the battle would not pose any health risk to the boxers, explaining, "We know how to protect ourselves, we will be fine," stressing that California laws will be applied.

The American decided Mike Tyson, World champion in boxing Heavyweight, returning to contests again in September at the age of 54 to run a showdown against his 51-year-old compatriot Ray Jones Jr.

Tyson revealed on the website of his new project, "Legend of Legends only," that he will play an eight-game showdown against Jones, in Los Angeles, USA, on September 12.

"It will be amazing," said the American, who is a boxing legend, in comments to ESPN.

He stressed that the battle would not pose any health risk to the boxers, explaining "We know how to protect ourselves, we will be fine", stressing that California laws will be applied, including requiring competitors to wear a headscarf.

Tyson, who has appeared repeatedly in the past while exercising harsh and keeping fit and deadly punches, indicated that he and Jones will not fight for mere parade and enjoyment.

"We're going to showcase our skills and fight, you will see Mike Tyson 100 percent in the ring," he said. I have speed and strength. ”

At the age of 20 years and four months, Mike Tyson became the world's youngest heavyweight boxing champion and dominated competitions in the following months.

He suffered from a series of problems, some linked to the arenas, others to his behavior outside them.

He was arrested in 1991 on suspicion of rape, and he was convicted the following year to spend three years in prison, before being released and returning to competition in the ring.

After his return, he regained the world title, but later lost twice to fellow countryman Evander Holyfield, one of them in a fight in November 1996, one of the most famous in recent boxing history.

Tyson was excluded from the fight and arrested for 18 months after him, after he made some of his opponent's ears biting off part of it.

He tried to regain the world title in 2002 but lost to Britain's Lennox Lewis, and he fought his last fight in 2005 against Irishman Kevin McBride.

"I have had many experiences and now I'm back, I've taken care of my body," Tyson said.

As for Jones, he held the world title in four different categories between 1993 and 2004.