Watch ... New look for Mohamed Salah before Eid Al-Adha

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The Egyptian player,  Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool star, shared his followers and fans through his official account on the social networking site Instagram, a new image through the "story" feature, in which he appeared with a new look, where he styled his hair and was keen to publish a picture of him smiling on the social platform a few days ago A few of Eid al-Adha.

Mohamed Salah


Earlier, the English Football Association officially announced the date of the "Super England" charity shield match between Liverpool, the champions and the winner from Chelsea and Arsenal in the FA Cup final, and on August 29, the date for the charity shield match was set at Wembley Stadium, according to the newspaper "Daily Mail". "English, the Wembley Stadium will host the Charity Shield Cup match, on the last Saturday of August, as the Football Association is currently in talks with the government to discuss the possibility of the presence of the fans in that upcoming match.

The English newspaper pointed out that the FA officials are studying the return of the fans gradually in the Shield Cup charity match after the fans were absent from the matches, since last March, until now due to the new Corona virus, as the federation hopes to obtain the government's approval to allow the presence of approximately 15 thousand To 20,000 people at Wembley Stadium with the application of social spacing rules.

Mohamed Salah will be the star of the national team and Liverpool on a date with a new title in the Liverpool jersey, where he recently crowned the Club World Cup, the European Champions League and the European Super League next to the Premier League title this season

Liverpool is armed with its German coach Juergen Klopp, who was crowned the England Coach of the Year award after leading the Reds to the Premier League title .

Klopp, who won with Liverpool the Champions League, the FIFA Club World Cup and the Premier League, won the award named "Sir Alex Ferguson" which is awarded to the best coach in England's leagues every year.

In a personal message to Klopp after his victory was announced, Sir Alex Ferguson said: "Juergen is fantastic, we are talking about Leeds spending 16 years without the English Premier League, but Liverpool 30 years since winning the league, is unbelievable."