Barcelona 2-8 Bayern Munich in the Champions League | The German giant devours Messi and his companions

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Bayern Munich devours Barcelona with a score of 8-2 and eliminates Messi and his colleagues from the Champions League in a disastrous scenario that was not in the imagination of any football fan.

Achieve Bayern Munich German historic victory over BarcelonaFC By sweeping them 8-2 in the quarter-finals For the European Football Champions League At the Light Stadium in the Portuguese capital Lisbon, to reach the semi-finals.

Thomas Muller (4 and 31), Ivan Perisic (21), Serge Gnabry (30), Joshua Kimmich (63), Robert Lewandowski (84) and Felipe Coutinho (85 and 89) for Bayern and Austrian David Alaba (7 mistakes in the goal of his team) scored ), And the Uruguayan Luis Suarez (57) to Barcelona.

Bayern play in the semi-final with the winner of Saturday's match between Manchester City and Lyon of France.

Details of the first half of the Barcelona and Bayern Munich match

A disastrous scenario that was not expected by the most optimistic Barcelona fans, and a dreamy romantic scenario that Bayern Munich fans could not imagine, everything condemned the Germans in a disastrous first half.

Although Barcelona entered the game in a great way and formed a great danger in the first minutes, Bayern were the race to score, and Barcelona lost on two occasions after the draw.

From the 21st minute, which was the minute in which Bayern scored the second goal, the German Circus began at the Stadium.

Details of the second half of the Barcelona and Bayern Munich match

Bayern Munich devours Barcelona in the literal sense of the word, a loss that represents a scandal in every sense of the word, eight complete goals that announce the end word for all this confusion in Barcelona, ​​for all these grave administrative problems and malicious handling of the team's problems.

Bayern Munich threatens Europe with the utmost violence and proves that he came to Lisbon for the coronation and nothing else, everything in that match bore one name, Bayern Munich.

Messi continued his absence from the events of the match completely and succumbed to the control imposed on him, while Bayern continued its scoring series with four complete goals in the second half, scored by Kimmic and Lewandowski, and two goals by Coutinho, who tasted Barcelona a bitter cup, which left him on loan to Bayern.

Second half

- Bayern Munich ends the match with a full eight, the worst match in Barcelona's modern history without any doubt, Bayern counts Barcelona.