Barcelona resolves Arthur Millo's situation legally after his rebellion against the club

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Barcelona team officials decided to take firm measures against Brazilian Arthur Melo, as a result of his rebellion and not returning from vacation to resume team training with the team today, Tuesday, in preparation for the confrontation with Naples scheduled to be held next August 8.

Barcelona players underwent Corona virus tests to ensure the safety of the players and not being infected with the epidemic yesterday, Monday, and then resume training today, in preparation for the position of Napoli in the second leg of the Champions League round of 16, the Brazilian Arthur Milo failed and did not return to Spain to join the training team of the Catalan team.


Barcelona drew 1-1 with Napoli in the first leg of the Champions League round of 16 at the San Paolo stadium.

The Catalan newspaper "Sport" reported that Barcelona is preparing to issue strict disciplinary decisions against the Brazilian Arthur Melo, after his rebellion against the club and his request to cancel his contract.

The newspaper added that the Barcelona administration will never consider rescinding Arthur Milo contract as he wants, and the club's legal affairs will be used to take appropriate disciplinary action towards the Brazilian player.


The Barcelona star remained in Brazil despite the end of his vacation period after the end of the Spanish League, and he refused to return to training, justifying this after the team coach Kiki Sittin relied on him in the matches, and demanded the termination of his contract ending in June 2024.

And joined the Brazilian Arthur Milo, the central Barcelona star, to Juventus for 72 million euros in addition to 10 million euros of variables, starting next season.

I completed that the sports management of the Barcelona team, headed by technical secretary Eric Abidal, resorted to the club’s legal department and the club’s CEO, Oscar Grau, by studying the case jointly, and regardless of his punishment, a percentage of his monthly salary will be deducted because he is still in custody of Barcelona until the end of the UEFA Champions League .

I continued, what angered Barcelona, ​​is Arthur's refusal to try to find a compromise, as the club feels that it was possible to reach an agreement if the player sat with the administration, but they are not happy with the player's behavior not to return to Spain .

Barcelona are aware of the motives behind the Brazilian disappointment of Arthur Milo, but they are not ready to allow any player to rebel and violate the rules, the file is now in the hands of the club's disciplinary committee, and the player is expected to be fined.

The newspaper concluded, that this situation can change, if Arthur returns to Spain and sits with Barcelona, ​​where the club will ask him to apologize and reach an agreement to continue until the end of the season.