"Dexter" is a new NASA robot to walk into space and examine the structure of the International Space Station

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NASA and Canadian Space Agency scientists collaborated to automate one of the most dangerous missions on the International Space Station by sending a robot to walk in space without endangering humans, and the Dexter robot, similar to a multi-arm turret, was sent out of the station to make sure there were no leaks, especially ammonia, the coolant used in the station According to a press release from NASA .

And the work of the robot became easier after adding the "hotel robot", to protect human beings from exposing themselves to danger, and the station pioneers occupied a robotic tool storage unit known as "RTS" last December, and NASA calls it the "hotel" robot, because it is actually a store For tools.

 Dexter provides a place to store parts of the "Rail" tools for detecting ammonia leakage, outside the station, for easy access .


"Riel is an important example to facilitate the lives of astronauts by using robots equipped with the necessary tools, and Dexter can use Riel to detect ammonia leaks, without requiring that astronauts with the same mission while walking," Equipment Director of RTS Project Mark Newman said in the press release. Alien. "

New tools seem to keep astronauts safe by automating dangerous missions, and NASA hopes to use the same technologies to build an orbital habitat .

NASA plans to create a station to send a manned station to the moon’s orbit by 2024, named Deep Space Gateway, using robotic technologies that will perform most of the dangerous and difficult work to achieve this plan .