Exciting information about the Race of the superpowers to land on Mars

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China launched on Thursday successfully an unmanned probe to Mars in order to demonstrate its technological capabilities as it seeks a leadership role in space with its first independent mission to visit another planet.

Reuters published a report containing some facts about the space missions launched by China and other countries to Mars:

China’s unmanned probe to Mars, named Tianon-1, which means “questions to the sky,” includes an orbital module, a landing unit and a rover. The launch will be made using the Long March 5 super rocket, and if that mission succeeds, it will make China the first country to launch a spacecraft, a landing unit and a rover in the first mission.

The Long March 5 flight into space takes about 7 months, while the landing process takes 7 minutes. The Chinese probe carries a number of scientific instruments to monitor the atmosphere of Mars surface of and look for any signs of water and snow.

In 2003, China was the third country to send a human being into space with its own missile, after the former Soviet Union and the United States. In 2011, a joint mission with Russia to Mars failed when the Russian spacecraft carrying the probe failed to exit Earth orbit and crashed over the Pacific Ocean.


Currently, 6 spacecraft orbit 3 orbits around Mars, including American, 2 European and Indian. NASA has two vehicles operating on the surface of the planet.

- The United Arab Emirates launched its probe of hope on its first mission to Mars from the Tangashima Space Center in Japan on July 20. It is the first Arab mission to the red planet, and the probe is scheduled to reach it within 7 months and enter into orbit around it to collect information about its atmosphere.

- NASA has previously launched four vehicles to walk on the surface of the red planet after extracting extremely important lessons from the Curiosity rover that landed on Mars in 2012 and is still crossing the Martian plain to the southeast of the island of 250 meters deep and it was believed in a period From time periods it is a lake the size of Lake Tahoe.

Launched by NASA as the first automatic landing craft designed to study the interior of another planet, the Insight spacecraft landed safely on Mars in November 2018 carrying tools to monitor seismic vibrations that had only been previously detected on Earth.

- NASA is planning to launch a fifth traffic vehicle, called Safety, this year. The vehicle is running on 4 wheels and is the size of the car, and will explore the base of the island pit as soon as the vehicle lands in February. It will carry equipment that can convert the planet's carbon dioxide into breathing oxygen for use as a catalyst.

The Soviet Union is the only other country to have successfully landed a cart for Mars. In 2016, a European space probe was destroyed when it fell to Mars during an attempt to land. Attempts by China and Japan to send vehicles to turn around the comfortable one were unsuccessful.

The launch of a European-Russian mission, which had been due to take place this year, was postponed for two years due to the Corona virus.