"Calcium chloride" .. Is its presence in bottled water safe to drink?

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Pioneers of social networking sites in America circulated posts on Facebook claiming that the element calcium chloride, which is contained in bottled water, is dangerous to health.

The post includes a picture of the search result on Google, which says that "calcium chloride" can cause burning stomach pain, nausea and vomiting when taken, but what is the validity of this claim?

According to the USA Today website, this belief is wrong, as the US Food and Drug Administration says that the element calcium chloride meets the specifications of the nutritional approach in terms of the presence of chemicals, which helps to ensure the safety of food ingredients.

In a study conducted by the European Food Safety Authority, there was no safety concern when using the ingredient as a food additive.

But the Business Insider newspaper reported that calcium chloride ingested in large quantities can cause health problems, while its percentage in bottled water remains safe.

"If you have pure water in itself, it won't taste, so companies selling bottled water put calcium and magnesium minerals, or maybe a little salt," says Bob Mahler, professor of soil science and water quality at the University of Idaho.

These minerals are also used as a solution in global bottled water, and sports drinks to control fluid levels in the body and maintain a blood pH balance.

Calcium chloride is also used in making cheese and brewing beer, and it acts as a preservative in canned vegetables.

According to the "Nurse Plus" Academy of Nursing in America, it is also found in intravenous fluids.

According to expert opinion, calcium chloride is safe to consume, it is added to the water as per taste, and it works as an electrolyte to prevent the individual from drying out.