A new sunspot appears

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A new spot has been reported on the southeastern part of the sun’s surface. According to Yanat’s map of its magnetic polarity from NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory, this spot belongs to the new solar cycle 25. 

Measurements indicate that the size of the dark core of the stain is the size of the globe. 

This new spot is a sign of the emergence of the new solar cycle 25, and so far this year it has monitored the emergence of 13 sunspots, of which ten belong to the new cycle, with a rate of 77%, compared to only 17% in 2019 and zero% in 2018, and this shows that The sun moves from one cycle to another.  

According to the Astronomical Society in Jeddah, soon we will know whether this new sunspot will be a source of solar flares or not, it depends on the complexity of its magnetic field, which will reveal itself during the next few days in conjunction with the occurrence of that spot in the direction of Earth.