What is the reason for the appearance of craters on the moon .. Scientists answer

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Physics researchers at the University of Osaka, Japan, have concluded that the majority of the famous craters on the Moon's surface originated nearly 800 million years ago, as a result of "asteroid rains".

According to the university’s statement, it was clear that, based on the data and images obtained from the Japanese satellite Kaguya, a group of scientists headed by Professor Kentaro Terada discovered that space objects with dimensions of 10 kilometers collided with the moon.

According to the Russian news agency, Novosti, based on calculating the age and size of the craters on the moon's surface, they can be compared to the collisions of space objects with the Earth. This means that 800 million years ago, an asteroid measuring more than 100 kilometers away and other space objects collided with a total mass of 40 trillion tons with the moon and Earth. This mass is 30-60 times greater than the mass of the space object, which collided with Earth 65 million years ago and led to the extinction of dinosaurs.


Moreover, the university statement adds, scientists, have been able to determine the supposed "cause" of this disaster. "Depending on the ages of the modern asteroid groups and orbital elements, it is very likely that the cause is an asteroid rain from the fragments of the C-class Eulalia."