Scientists discover 37 volcanic structures on Venus

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A group of scientists was able to observe 37 volcanic structures on Venus that appeared to be active recently and maybe active to this day.

Over a long period, many researchers believe that the planet Venus was necessarily idle geology over half-billion in the past, due to the lack of tectonic plates that form the shape of the Earth 's surface gradually.

The researchers explained that "the research focused on structures in the form of rings called wreaths, which appear as a result of the rise of hot rock from the interior of the planet, and presented what he described as conclusive evidence of the spread of tectonic and  fusion activity on the surface  of Venus recently." 

Of the 133 episodes examined, 37 appeared to be active during 2-3 million years ago, a very short period in geological time.

In this context, Anna Goulcher, a researcher in Earth and Planetary Sciences at the Institute of Geological Physics in Zurich, involved in preparing the study published by the journal Nature Geoscience: "The research shows that some of that internal heat is still able to reach the surface to this day. It is clear Venus is not a dead planet or as geologically inactively dead as previously thought. " 

Well, Laurent Montse said the University of Maryland and co-author of the study: "In my opinion, many of these structures are active even today."