Scientists confirm the possibility of a smart civilization living in tunnels inside Mars

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A number of NASA scientists and experts have confirmed the existence of a "smart civilization" hiding in tunnels or caves inside Mars because of the nature of the air and the weather surrounding the planet.

Experts believe that this "smart life" that lives on Mars, has taken from the tunnels and caves formed by the ancient nature of Mars volcanic, a place to live to escape the nature of its "inconvenient" weather.

Experts confirmed that they monitored more than 1000 caves on the surface of the planet for this moment, supporting their theory, which made NASA work to launch a space shuttle to Mars with a view to studying it.

These scientists believe that Mars (about 33 million miles away from the Earth) is constantly exposed to harmful cosmic rays, which made "smart civilizations" take dwelling from the Earth's interior, according to the newspaper "The Sun".




And a team of scientists and researchers outlined their upcoming mission in a lecture they gave at the Third Planetary Conference that was held last February in America.

According to the American scientist, Sharito Philips Lender: "If life is there, it is better to preserve it beneath the surface of the earth."

A team from NASA is trying to explore whether there are any signs of life today or in the past within the dry lava caves and canals of Mars.

And some experts predict that in the future humans will be able to live in the volcanic caves of Mars, according to the scientist, Pascal Lim, a planetary researcher at the NASA Ames Research Center in California: “In Mars and elsewhere in the universe, lava tubes can bring life to life.” And death at the same time. "