Gloves with technology that destroys the Corona virus .. Can be washed 30 times and is valid for one year

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Fine Health Holding Group launched gloves designed using the Swiss patented Livinguard technology, forming the latest addition to the product line aimed at eliminating viruses and bacteria.

Livinguard technology eliminates the Corona virus by 99.9%, according to research results conducted by two prestigious academic institutions in the field of virology and fabrics in Germany, namely the Free University of Berlin, and the Institute of Textile Techniques at Aachen University of Technology, which confirmed that the textiles treated with this Swiss technology, As masks and gloves that neutralize the Corona virus, and effectively disable its activity when wearing it.

Fine emphasized that the new gloves are economical compared to the traditional rubber gloves, which do not provide the required protection and do not exceed being a separating layer between the hand and viruses.

Unlike traditional gloves, Vine gloves provide a great deal of comfort in use without fear of touching the face due to their ability to neutralize viruses and bacteria, as well as their durability and efficiency. It can be washed up to 30 times and used for a year without affecting the effectiveness of the technology, which gives users the utmost protection and value while preserving the environment.

"The Covid-19 pandemic has changed various aspects of life, and has caused many people to be concerned about being exposed to or endangering loved ones every time they leave their homes," said group chief executive James Michael Laverty. We realize that we cannot eliminate this pandemic on our own, but we considered that we should be part of the solution by providing consumers with the highest level of protection possible, along with appropriate hygiene practices that would help maintain the safety of individuals during this global crisis ».