"Camouflage enzyme" .. Scientists reveal the "trick" of corona infection

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Recently, American scientists said that they discovered the "enzyme" exploited by the emerging coronavirus to infiltrate the human body and cause it to cause "Covid 19". 

According to the site "Sky News", the virus needs to defraud the human immune system in order to be able to reach cells.

The researchers explain that the employee, for example, needs to present a card, or an identification code in order to enter the workplace, and these complex stages are similar to the obstacles that the virus passes through before reaching cells.

Scientists have been able to determine the structure of an enzyme known in the scientific community as "nsp16", and it is commonly used by the emerging corona virus to deceive the immune system and reach host cells.

And when the virus can make this breakthrough, through the "camouflage enzyme", it is able to reproduce in the body.

Accordingly, understanding the way the enzyme works will help to develop a treatment against "Covid 19" that has infected millions of people in the world since its appearance in China late last year.

In the future, researchers may resort to techniques that restrict the enzyme in the human body, and this step will hinder the virus from reaching the cells.

This enzyme is usually used for modification of "RNA" or "RNA cap". It is a signature that sends signals to cells about the proteins to be produced, because they are the healthiest and most appropriate.

Researcher Yogesh Gupta, an academic who supervises the study, explained in the journal "Nature Quotations" that this interactive process is seen as deception and camouflage.

Gupta explained that because of this modification, sending the virus into the RNA has become part of the cell’s code, meaning it is not treated as an intruder.

Thanks to the study commissioned by Yogesh, a three-dimensional structure of the enzyme responsible for "Covid 19" has been discovered, and how it performs is being used to reproduce.

Researcher Robert Hromas confirms that blocking this enzyme would help to tackle the emerging corona virus, whose scientific name is "SARS Cove 2".

Huromas described this medical discovery as a significant advance in understanding the emerging Corona virus, which has killed more than 637,000 people in the world to date.