SpaceX plans to test the full size model of Starship for the first time

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SpaceX plans to make the first flight attempt of a complete prototype - i.e. not miniaturized - of its Starship vehicle, and when Elon Musk, the company's CEO, was asked about any new news regarding the first "SN5" StarShip model, he answered that the model would try to fly at a time Later this week.

The first SN5 prototype is expected to jump to a height of 150 meters, as this attempt comes after attempts by the company vehicle, "Starhuber", which is a prototype of a miniature - it is said "miniature" but in reality a huge one - it successfully flew last August to a height of 150 meters; The SN5 is a much larger model, and it is currently installed on the company's testing platform in Boca Chica, Texas, USA.

And the US website, Tarsalati, believes that it is still necessary to undergo the SN5 to test the refueling and the fixed operation test of its missile engine "Raptor" before its first test flight.

It is worth noting that NASA Space Flight recently posted a video recording showing the SpaceX team placing a "block simulator" on top of the first SN5 model, often to simulate the payload on test flights.