The Arab Parliament condemns the hostile Turkish statements regarding the UAE and considers them rejected

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The Arab Parliament condemned the recent hostile statements of the Turkish Minister of Defense, Hulusi Akar, against the United Arab Emirates.

The Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament, Adel Al - Asoumi , said in a statement today, Monday, "These statements are inconsistent with the principles and diplomatic norms between countries, and it is considered an attack on an Arab country that is a member of the League of Arab States, which is the sister Arab state, and its support to the international community to play the active and important role In spreading peace and stability in all countries of the world, which is the role that the UAE used to play and what was known about it, its important and pivotal role at the global level of the great humanitarian work it provides. "
He added, "The recent statements of the Turkish minister and the contents of it denounced the hostility towards the UAE, is a rejected provocation that contradicts international norms, and it is considered a reprehensible threat to a sister Arab country that was distinguished by its authentic national positions and its constructive role in the international community."
The Deputy Speaker of the Arab Parliament declared once again the solidarity and standing of the parliament in unison with the UAE against these provocative statements, and renewed the steadfast position of the Arab Parliament regarding the rejection of Turkish interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries, which represent a threat to Arab national security, security and regional peace.