One case of covid-19 death every seven minutes in Iran

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Iranian state television reported that the country witnessed one death every seven minutes with Coved-19, as the Ministry of Health announced 215 new deaths from the disease caused by infection with the emerging coronavirus, and the media issued warnings against not maintaining the proper rules of social separation.

The television quoted Sima Sadat Larry, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, as saying that 215 people had died in the past 24 hours, bringing the total number of deaths in the country to 17,405 cases. The number of confirmed cases increased 2598 cases to 312035 cases.

The television showed footage of several Iranians on a crowded street without putting a muzzle or taking into account the social estrangement.

Some experts have questioned the accuracy of official Koruna data in Iran. A report by the Iranian Parliament Research Center in April indicated that the numbers may be twice as high as the Ministry of Health.

The report said that the official data are based only on the number of hospital deaths who have been tested and have a positive result.

And the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) said on Monday, based on data from an unnamed source, that the number of deaths from the virus in Iran may be three times the number announced. Iran denied the report and said it does not practice any blackout.

With Covid-19 cases increasing since the country's general isolation measures were eased in mid-April, authorities said measures to curb the outbreak would be imposed again if people did not adhere to health guidelines. Gag placement has been mandatory in public and enclosed spaces since last month.

The working group tasked with combating the Coronavirus in Iran is expected to announce later on Monday whether it will allow admission exams to be held at universities with more than a million people participating in August.

And many Iranians called on social media to postpone these exams.