The Peruvian president plans to change the government after the prime minister lost a vote of confidence

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The newly appointed Peruvian Prime Minister Pedro Catriano lost a vote of confidence in the Legislative Council (Congress) on Tuesday, forcing President Martin Vizcara to change the government as the country fights the Corona virus.

Andina, the national news agency, reported that the vote against the government came by 37 votes to 54 and 34 abstentions.

Vizkara had changed the prime minister and many other ministers in mid-July, after the large numbers of Corona virus infections and the economic crisis caused his popularity to decline.

Peru has recorded more than 430,000 cases of coronavirus, the seventh highest infection rate in the world.

Catriano appeared before Congress to present a plan to revitalize the economy and seek a vote of confidence allowing him to serve as prime minister.

"As a democrat, I respect what the majority say," said Catriano after the vote, whose outcome compels him to resign, along with other members of the government.

Vizkara said the Congress’s decision had caused "unnecessary ambiguity" and announced that he would appoint a new cabinet within 72 hours.

The Prime Minister reminded to Congress that the Coruna epidemic could cause poverty to rise in Peru, and he proposed an economic recovery plan that includes providing incentives to the main mining sector and measures to alleviate poverty.

President Vizkara called for general elections in April 2021.