Moscow is vowing to Washington to respond to the deployment of missiles in any region of the world

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The Russian Foreign Ministry announced that Moscow will respond to the US deployment of any missiles, whether nuclear or non-nuclear, in any region.

"After withdrawing from this treaty, the United States immediately adopted a policy of ending the production of missiles that were prohibited in accordance with the treaty, and conducted field tests on these Rockets. "
"The American side announced its intention to deploy these missiles in the Asia Pacific region in the first place, and it is not unlikely that they will appear in Europe as well," the statement added.
The statement continued, "The deployment of missilesAmerican medium and short term in various regions of the world seriously undermine regional and global security and raises serious new round of arms race , "stressing that Russia can not ignore the presence of missile threats to its territory and will be required immediate response regardless of whether the missiles were nuclear - American or non nuclear. the
statement pointed out that the actions of the United States led to the absence of any restrictions on medium and short-range missiles, and then doubled security threats and stability.