Lebanon explosion: the number of missing people exceeds the death toll

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Lebanese Health Minister Hassan Hamad said, in comments to Sky News Arabia, that the number of missing persons due to the Beirut explosion that shook the capital, on Tuesday, exceeds the number of the dead who have been identified so far, which is 100 as announced.

Hamad said, today, Wednesday, that "the number of victims is increasing. So far there are about 100 bodies, and there are a lot of contacts that show that the missing are more than the number of bodies that have reached the hospitals."

Rescue and civil defense teams are still searching for missing persons at the scene of the explosion, which has spread over 20 kilometers in Beirut, and has resulted in severe damage to hundreds of buildings.


Hamad added that "there are about 4 thousand wounded, and many of the wounded are still without treatment because of the lack of capacity at hospitals near or far from the capital, which are filled with the injured."

The Lebanese minister revealed that 4 hospitals were completely damaged in Beirut by the explosion, and the patients who were lying in it were transferred to another, exacerbating the problem, and "turning the crisis into an epidemic health disaster par excellence."

He said: "We struggle to survive, to aid, receive, and rescue patients, despite the limited capabilities and scarcity of materials. There are not enough medical materials."

He added that the warehouses of the Ministry of Health "were badly damaged" by the explosion.

He stressed that this damage "makes matters worse" when the Corona epidemic is added to it, and the minister described what happened as "catastrophic in the fullest sense of the word."