The Bolivian government is suing the former president for a demonstration during the Corona pandemic

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The Bolivian government announced today, Wednesday, that it filed a legal complaint against former President Evo Morales and several other people over the crowd of the opposition, which it said had endangered the lives of many people during the epidemic of the emerging Corona Virus (Covid 19).

According to the National News Agency, the Ministry of the Presidency filed a lawsuit against Morales, the President of the Trade Union, Juan Carlos Huarache, Parliamentary Betty Yankees, from the leftist party "MAS" to which Morales belongs and others close to the party.


The opposition accuses the conservative government led by the country's interim president, Janine Anis, of mishandling the epidemic and using it to buy time and improve its political position before the general elections that were postponed to October 18.

Thousands of demonstrators in the city of El Alto yesterday called for elections to be held on the original date of September 6.

Presidential Minister Yerco Nunez said that the opposition is guilty of "crimes against public health" by grouping demonstrators together in the country, which confirmed the registration of more than 72 thousand new infections with the Corona virus, as well as 2720 deaths.

Morales, who lives in Argentina, supported the demonstration, which he said defended "life and democracy."