China records the highest daily death toll from Corona virus since April

International News
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China announced 105 new infections with the Coruna virus on Thursday, the highest daily toll recorded by the country since April.

Among the new infections, 102 cases were reported to the Chinese health authorities.

According to the latest data from the National Health Committee, 96 cases have been recorded in Xinjiang, which is witnessing an increase in infection numbers as part of the latest outbreak of the virus this month, despite official expectations that the number of infected people will begin to decline.

The northeastern province of Liaoning, where a set of new cases was tracked at a seafood processing plant in the coastal city of Dalian, recorded 5 new cases.

This outbreak of the virus has forced the closure of areas of the coastal city and canceled hundreds of flights.

Despite these measures, cases have already been detected in nine different cities as a result of the outbreak in Dalian.

The National Health Commission announced the registration of a new local case in Beijing. Three new cases of people coming from abroad were also reported in Yunnan, Shanghai and Guangdong provinces.