King of Morocco warns of complacency in the face of a possible second wave of "Corona" virus

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Rabat - (ASA):
Moroccan King Mohammed VI called for continued mobilization, vigilance, solidarity and commitment to health measures, in front of any possible second wave of the Corona virus emerging.

"We sent the government to support the resilience of the affected sectors, to preserve jobs, and to the purchasing power of families, who have lost their source of livelihood," the Moroccan monarch said, in his address, Wednesday, to the Moroccan people on the occasion of the 21st anniversary of the glorious throne.
He added that "the consequences of this health crisis will be severe, despite the efforts we are making to alleviate it, calling for continued mobilization, vigilance and solidarity, commitment to health measures, and a plan to be recruited and ready to face any second wave of this epidemic, God forbid, especially in front of inaction. Which we did not have.
King Mohammed VI continued, "Our work is not limited to facing this epidemic only, but also aims to address its social and economic repercussions, within a comprehensive future perspective, that draws lessons from this stage and benefits from it."
He pointed out that this crisis confirmed the solidity of social ties and the spirit of solidarity between Moroccans, but it also revealed a set of deficiencies, especially in the social field, among them the size of the informal sector, the weakness of social protection networks, especially for the most vulnerable groups, and the link of a number of sectors to external fluctuations .
The Moroccan monarch praised the spirit of solidarity and responsibility with which men and women were treated, both at the individual level, or as a thankful initiative for civil society activities, during the quarantine period.