Will Bitcoin reach about 15 thousand dollars soon? .. Corona's recovery

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The world's most popular digital currency Bitcoin is experiencing a golden period these days, after rising back above the level of $ 10,000 during the past week, thanks to heavy purchases from large and small dealers.

Bitcoin benefits from the stimulus packages launched by the governments of the world in coordination with the central banks to stimulate the economy in the face of the repercussions of the emerging Corona pandemic, as investor purchases contributed to stopping the loss of digital currency losses since last June, and pushing them to rise to historically higher levels.

Bitcoin, which is called on the global markets, digital gold in reference to its quality as a safe asset, may be on a date with a new record at $ 15,000, as it broke the resistance level of $ 10050, according to Vijay Ayyar, head of business development at the crypto exchange Luno Luno .

Ayyar comments on the rise of Bitcoin by about 11% during the past seven days, that there are changes taking place in the market.

He added that this change in the strategy of investors pushed the digital currency to rise again above 10 thousand dollars, after it had touched this level last time early last month.

Bitcoin exceeded $ 10,000 on June 3, and has since seen a steady decline.

Global financial markets are witnessing intense purchases in minerals, especially gold and silver. On the other hand, financial assets such as stocks and bonds are experiencing a selling trend that is pushing them down.

This comes with the move of international blocs towards the approval of large stimulus packages, similar to the European Union, which is preparing a huge financing plan of approximately 2 trillion euros, equivalent to $ 2.34 billion.

The Head of Business Development at the Cryptocurrency Exchange confirms that these moves, coinciding with efforts to put the Coronavirus vaccine on the market, may contribute to a further rise in the prices of digital assets.