American broadcaster: Trump accepts the Republican nomination at the Charlotte Conference

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US Vice President Mike Pence, a television reporter, said today, Wednesday, that President Donald Trump will accept the Republican nomination for the presidential election at a conference in Charlotte, North Carolina.

"I just finished an interview with Vice President Mike Pence, and he told me that President Trump will accept the nomination in Charlotte at the Republican General Conference next Monday," journalist Tim Boyum wrote on Twitter.
Mike Pence, US Vice President, Donald Trump, stressed that the rebuilding of the United States again will not be by imposing new taxes or forming governments and political organizations but by following the same policies of President Trump who have followed them over the past 3 years.
Mike Pence said on his official Twitter account: “We will not build America again better with more governments, higher taxes, more regulation, and more liberal policies. We will rebuild America better, stronger and more prosperous by doing again what it does President Donald Trump, and he did it in the first 3 years. "
US Vice President Mike Pence had said he was indifferent to recent opinion polls that showed President Donald Trump is behind Democratic candidate Joe Biden, with Pence announcing that "the polls are flawed in America."
The American magazine "Newsweek" said that Pence and Trump constitute a united front, and they rejected a wide range of polls that showed Biden leads in terms of voters choosing the preferred candidate in the 2020 elections.
The magazine said that their response to the weak numbers this week is clear: the polls are "false" and biased to the Democratic candidates.
Pence told Breitbart News that the energy he saw on the campaign trail in 2016 was bigger today and that the president had more chances to win in 2020 than he did four years ago.
Opinion polls conducted last week from ABC News, Washington Post, Fox News and Marquette showed that Biden is leading at least five to six percentage points over Trump if the November 3 elections are held today.
"I think the polls are unreliable in America," Pence told Breitbart, during a visit to Wisconsin, where he is campaigning in the swing state Trump won in 2016. I didn't believe the polls in 2016, and I don't think the polls will be true in 2020. " 
"I think there is more enthusiasm than it was four years ago," the vice president added. "I really think it is up to the person of the president, what he did, and what he was willing to endure. He never stopped fighting."