Trump accuses the Democrats of seeking to destroy the American way of life

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Washington -
The US President Donald Trump on Thursday strongly criticized members of the opposition Democratic Party, accusing them of seeking to destroy the way of life in the United States.

They want to uproot and destroy all American values," Trump from Texas said as part of his campaign.

Trump added that his opponents in the Democratic Party and their presidential candidate, Joe Biden, would impose a ban on cows within an environmental program.

The US president expressed his fear that Biden would again join the Paris Convention to combat climate change, which Washington withdrew from during the Trump presidential period.

Trump claimed that "there will be no more cows and no more livestock," although Biden did not agree to such a thing. Texas is well known for its livestock breeding farms.

Opinion polls show in some swing states, President Trump has lagged behind Joe Biden in large numbers, but analysts warn that competition may still be hot.