CNN: Trump vs Biden who is the best for American democracy


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CNN analyzed US President Donald Trump's speech, delivered Thursday to a huge crowd of invitees on the White House lawn, on the last day of the Republican National Convention, in which Trump announced his formal acceptance of running for a second term

The American Network said that Trump's speech clarified the reasons for the Democrats' affirmation of the importance of removing Trump from power in any way and whatever the price, as well as why the forty-fifth president of the United States may win a second term despite the superiority of his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden , in opinion polls so far.

'Fear of chaos'

In his speech, the American president painted a horrific vision of his mother on the verge of collapse if violent anarchists seized power, who might exploit the weak "Joe Biden" to destroy the United States, and CNN said that Trump claimed that the Democrats treat America as a "evil" or "Corrupt" must be rid of sins.

And while former US President Barack Obama warned, last week, that Trump's second term would crush American democracy and eliminate it, the Republican president stressed that the survival of traditional American society depends on voters voting for him.

Trump said in cautionary tones: "Your vote will decide whether we will protect law-abiding Americans, or unleash violent anarchists, criminals, and agitators who threaten our citizens."

He added, "These elections will determine whether we will protect American life, or allow a radical movement to dismantle and destroy it completely."

Why are Americans attracted to Trump?

But overall, CNN's Thursday night speech explained the reasons for Trump's attraction to the millions of Americans who follow his culture and embrace his disruptive personality.

The President said, "From the moment I left my previous life, and it was a good life, I have done nothing but fight for you. I did what our political establishment did not expect and could never forgive. I kept my promises."


He continued: "Together we ended the rule of the failed political class, and they are desperate to regain their power in any way possible. They are angry with me because instead of putting them first, I put America first."

Large crowds amid the pandemic

Trump's crowd of 2,000 people on the White House lawn, a few of them wearing protective masks (masks) and sitting close to each other, was an unusual sight during the epidemic that forced the United States to kneel on its knees, but it was - according to CNN - a confirmation of Trump's willingness to create a false alternative reality for political gain.

Surprisingly, according to the American Network, Trump accused Biden of ignoring the flag, and falsely said that his opponent wanted to shut down the entire country, although he mocked his public health experts.


The large crowd gathered in the White House lawn showed the contradiction of the American president, at a time when thousands do not abide by the precautionary measures to limit the outbreak of Corona, Trump said in a recent interview that wearing masks is the best way to confront the epidemic that has so far killed more than 180 thousand American citizens.

The US President also promised to provide a vaccine against the coronavirus before the end of the year, or "maybe before that," as he said, and he cited false and unproven statistics to indicate that the United States is leading the world in its war against Covid-19.

Convince the white voters

(CNN) said that Trump's ignorance of the ethnic suffering that sparked anger in the United States after the killing of black American George Floyd in Minneapolis, and his threat that Americans would not live in safety if Biden reached the presidency would not help him win over the reluctant centrist and Republican voters to win their votes. But his authoritarian rhetoric and pride in his political right to a second term may help him convince white working-class voters who sympathize with him emotionally and culturally.


However, the Republican event was undeniably effective, according to CNN, which was evident in the testimonies of farmers and small business owners who expressed their support for the US president, especially as he was able to rebuild the economy and make it stronger.

"No one will touch him"

Trump's message from the letter was clear, the US president believes - according to CNN - that he would be untouched if he wins a second term.

The US President spoke during his speech, which was filled with lies - according to CNN - about his politics, his personality, the policies of his opponents, and how he got rid of all the restrictions that restrict ordinary politicians.

The American Network said that Trump has proven that he is able to seek help from a foreign country to overcome his opponent and that he will survive his act, even if an attempt is made to hold him accountable and dismiss him, and he tried during his speech, on Thursday, to confirm that he would do everything to get out of this race in victory.

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