USA : Corona infections rise to 87.5 million, and deaths close to 181,000


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Confirmed infections with Corona Virus (Covid-19) in the United States witnessed a rise of 0.8% during the past twenty-four hours until 6 am today, Friday local time in New York City, bringing the total number of infections in the country to 87.5 million cases and 180,857 deaths. , According to data from Johns Hopkins University and Bloomberg News

The increase in the number of cases at the level of the United States comes higher than the average daily rate of increase during the past week, which was 0.7%.

The state of California recorded the largest number of confirmed injuries so far, at 693,72 cases, after recording an increase of 0,8% compared to the same time of the previous day.

The state of South Dakota witnessed an increase of 4.5% in the number of injuries in it, compared to the same time yesterday, bringing the total number of injuries in the state to 12 thousand and 194 cases.

The state of Texas recorded the largest number of deaths related to the virus in the United States during the past twenty-four hours, as 225 people in the state died as a result of infection with "Covid-19".

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